12 Mysteries by Howard Fast as E. V. Cunningham

12 Mysteries by Howard Fast as E. V. Cunningham
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Overview: E.V. Cunningham is a pen name of American author Howard Fast (1914-2003). Using this pen name, he writes mystery and thriller novels (among other genres), including the Masao Masuto series. The novel Penelope was adapted to film.
E.V. Cunningham debuted as a pseudonym in 1960 with the novel Sylvia. The final book to be published as by E.V. Cunningham was Masuto Investigates (omnibus of the first 2 books in the series) in 2000.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


Alice (1963)
A freak subway accident traps a New York architect in a deadly conspiracy that will threaten what he loves most
John T. Camber is waiting on an uptown subway platform the moment his life changes forever. It happens quickly, when a haggard elderly man utters a sudden plea for help before falling on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. Reeling from the accident, Camber flees the station, only to be accosted by a brass-knuckled thug who believes Camber knows more than he’s letting on. And just like that, the suburban commuter finds himself inextricably trapped in a deadly conspiracy beyond his understanding. Dangerous people are after Camber, and if they can’t get to him, they’ll target his daughter instead. . .

Gomaday & Cohen 01 Penelope
Dissatisfied with life on the Upper East Side, a socialite finds a new favorite pastime: robbing banks
When James R. Hastings, president of the City Federal Bank, began construction of a new branch on Madison Avenue, he vowed to make it burglar proof. Vaults set forty feet below ground, an array of cameras, and a quartet of burly guards were intended to deter any bandit. But James Hastings did not count on being robbed by his wife. Three weeks after the bank opens, a demure old woman removes a Luger from her handbag and asks a clerk to empty her register, then disappears into the bathroom with a haul of over $50,000. When the guards arrive, a scared young woman flees the bathroom and points them to the stalls. Inside, they find nothing but a discarded disguise, while the young woman walks calmly out the front door. This is Penelope Hastings—a bored banker’s wife who, now that she has taken up crime, will never be bored again.

Gomaday & Cohen 02 Margie
When a starry-eyed model walks off with a powerful woman’s mink coat and diamond bracelet, New York City’s police race to find her – before gangsters get her first
Margie Beck has always been a magnet for calamity. When she accidentally walks off with a $17,000 mink coat and the $90,000 bracelet contained within it, she finds herself again at the center of an exciting – and possibly deadly – criminal plot.
As the city’s police search for Margie, its criminal class joins the hunt. With only the help of her boyfriend and a clever dress designer, Margie must outsmart her pursuers before it’s too late. This will be a thrilling day, but it could be Margie’s last.

Harvey Krim 01 Lydia
A hard-boiled insurance investigator upends New York in search of a perfect diamond necklace Death follows the Sarbine necklace. Its eleven diamonds are flawless, and all cut from the same stone—one of the largest ever unearthed from the mines of South Africa. But lately this most elegant piece of jewelry has become a bad luck charm. Its original owner killed himself, and his daughter, who was meant to inherit the piece at eighteen, died shortly after. When the necklace itself goes missing, it becomes Harvey Krim’s problem—and his chance to make a fortune. An insurance investigator with a porous moral code, Krim will collaborate with thieves if it means recovering the necklace. The answer could lie with a Texan maid named Lydia Harvey, but she seems too inept to be a skilled jewel thief. Those who possess the Sarbine necklace have a short lifespan, and with so many others looking for it, if Krim isn’t careful, his neck could be next. This ebook features an…

Harvey Krim 02 Cynthia
An insurance investigator chases a vanished heiress— and a huge payday
One of the richest girls on Park Avenue is missing. Cynthia Brandon left her father’s apartment on Monday, and three days later has not been seen anywhere on the respectable side of town. She may have been kidnapped, or murdered. Or she may have simply gotten bored with her pampered life in a twenty-two-room apartment, and split. Harvey Krim wouldn’t care about Cynthia if it weren’t for the fact that girls like her pay his rent. His employers have insured Cynthia’s life for $3 million, making her more than another missing heiress. Krim agrees to find her in exchange for a hefty bonus, but what he’s making is nothing compared to the price on Cynthia’s head. As any insurance agent knows, being so valuable to so many people can be very bad for a young girl’s health.

Helen (1966)
A lawyer scrambles to save a judge-killing hooker from the gallows
No women have been hanged in San Verdo since 1921, but after four decades it looks like that’s about to change. Helen Pilasky is far from a sympathetic defendant. She’s a known prostitute, and there is strong evidence that she murdered Judge Alexander Knowton, a supreme court justice beloved statewide. More than one hundred thousand people live in San Verdo, and nearly all of them want Helen Pilasky’s neck. It is Blake Eddyman’s job to save her. A well-off lawyer whose once promising career has stalled, Blake is caught between his ambition and his fear of failure. Saving Helen seems impossible, but he can’t refuse the job. She faces a charge of murder in the first degree. If convicted, the sentence is automatic. Only Blake stands between this enigmatic young woman and the hangman.

Millie (1973)
A PR man investigates the tortured life of a mysterious acquaintance—and winds up knee-deep in the wrong kind of trouble
For a public relations guru like Al Brody, witnessing death is not part of the job description. But that is just what the call from Andrew Capestone requires. When Brody arrives at his old friend’s bedside, it’s not long before the man dies. Brody has not thought of Capestone, his onetime Harvard acquaintance, for decades. In the years since college he has established a successful career, gotten married, gotten divorced, and fallen in love with his assistant Millie. But everything Brody has worked for is put in peril when Capestone’s dead body goes missing, and Brody is suddenly involved in a shocking criminal cabal.

Phyllis (1962)
Two scientists—one American and one Russian—form a pact for nuclear disarmament that threatens to bring civilization to its knees
The physicists met during a nuclear conference in London. Wanting to hurry America and the Soviet Union into nuclear non-proliferation, they each construct a crude atomic bomb, hiding one in New York and one in Moscow, and then they disappear. The United States and the USSR have forty days to renounce nuclear weapons, or two world capitals will burn. The American government chooses police detective Thomas Clancy to save his city. As a cop with a background in physics, he enters the faculty of Knickerbocker University to investigate the American professor. Clancy’s hope is that Phyllis Goldmark, the vanished physicist’s former lover, may know some clue to his location. The clock is ticking as the fate of millions rests on the shoulders of Phyllis and Clancy.

Sally (1967)
A small-town girl flees from the assassin she hired to kill her
When the doctor in her small hometown tells Sally Dillman that she has six months to live, the quiet young schoolteacher sells her house and moves to New York City. She comes not to see the sights, not for one last thrill, but to die as quickly as possible. Savings in hand, she pays a mobster $3,000 to put a contract out on her life. She wants to be killed before leukemia saps her strength, and she wants it to be a surprise. Only later does she learn of her terrible mistake. As the date of her appointed death draws closer, Sally feels none of the effects of her disease. A visit to the hospital confirms that the first diagnosis was wrong. She is no longer in danger from leukemia, but it is too late to stop the assassin. No longer prepared to die, Sally must fight to escape the deadly trap she laid for herself.

Shirley (1964)
Targeted by a mysterious conspiracy, a clever young woman fights back
If Shirley is surprised that someone wants to kill her, she does not let the gunmen know. As far as she knows, Shirley is no different from any other employee at the Bushwick Brothers plastics factory. So why has she been forced from her home and shoved into the front seat of a kidnapper’s car? There is no time to wonder why. Shirley Campbel has not cried since she was ten, and she will not start now. She jams her foot on the gas pedal, rocketing the car into a storefront. Her assailants are dead, but she is unscratched. Shirley goes home, knowing that more killers will come. Next time, she will be ready.

The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun (1969)
A target’s wife makes a cold-hearted assassin question his work
The hitman adjusts his rifle sight in an apartment across the street from his mark. For thirty minutes he peers through his scope, watching the man he is about to kill. He waits patiently, for assassinations demand focus. One bullet is all he needs. When the job is done, he disappears. This is an ordinary working day for Richard Breckner, a hired gun on the payroll of one of America’s enemies. He kills for the money, holding no allegiance to his country and no scruples about murder. He will kill anyone, no matter whom, from an American reverend in Miami to his superior at the department. But then, on a job in Geneva, he kills a target who dies unafraid. Unnerved by the dead man’s steely confidence, Breckner turns on his employers. If he wishes to survive, the world’s finest assassin must remember how to care.

The Wabash Factor (1986)
Introduces New York detective Harry Golding whose first case involves a series of “accidental” deaths, the victims all political figures somehow connected to the Central American country of Santa Marina

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