2 Books by Kathleen O’Neal Gear, W. Michael Gear

2 Books by Kathleen O’Neal Gear, W. Michael Gear
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Overview:Kathleen O’Neal Gear’s professional life began at the Museum of Cultural History in Los Angeles where she was cataloguing three-hundred-year-old Guatemalan saint statues as part of her Ph.D. coursework. She’s married to W. Michael Gear, archaeologist and novelist, and they live near Cody, Wyoming.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Fracture Event – The seas flood their banks. Storms devastate entire continents. Fires envelop the world in darkness. The collapse begins…
Anthropologist Anika French makes an explosive discovery: due to climate change, our world is threatened with collapse in just a few years, and humanity will perish. Anika’s committee chair published her work under his own name, now powerful people will do anything to obtain Anika’s statistical program for their own use.
With murder, kidnapping, extortion, and assassination on every side, Dr. Maureen Cole, a team of specialists, and bodyguard Skip Murphy will do everything in their power to keep Anika safe as they struggle with the implications of Anika’s work. For once the “fracture event” occurs, Anika’s model predicts the end of the world – and dark powers are already testing the model with devastating results.
Ultimately, it will be up to Skip, Maureen, and Anika as a deadly showdown in the Alps will determine who will profit from the destruction of civilization.

The Foundation – “What good is being the last person standing if all that’s left is smoking ruins?”
Captain Brenda Pepper is a retired special forces intelligence officer with a successful personal security business in New York when she’s hired to ensure international banker Chantel Simond’s safety at the Jackson Hole Economic Forum.
Chantel Simond is a woman shrouded in mystery, not only for Brenda, but for Ohio senator Thomas Jesse Ortega. Newly elected to the senate, Tom Ortega is in Jackson to learn all he can before voting on Senate Bill S-107, legislation that will totally rewrite American banking law.
Unbeknownst to any of them, a deadly sniper is closing in on Chantel. Brenda is sucked into the mystery of Simond International Holdings, a division of a shadowy and almost mythical organization called The Foundation. According to The Foundation’s analysts, the global economy, in the face of climate change and overallocation of resources, is about to fail.
In a perilous race to save humanity, Tom finds himself face-to-face with Chantel…and an ethical decision that could save his soul or doom the planet.
Because, in the end, The Foundation carries its own seeds of betrayal and destruction.

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The Foundation – Direct Link  

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