3 books by Donald Hamilton

3 books by Donald Hamilton
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Overview: Donald Hamilton was a U.S. writer of novels, short stories, and non-fiction about the outdoors. His novels consist mostly of paperback originals, principally spy fiction but also crime fiction and Westerns such as The Big Country. He is best known for his long-running Matt Helm series (1960-1993), which chronicles the adventures of an undercover counter-agent/assassin working for a secret American government agency.
Genre: Fiction » Mystery/Thriller


Assassins Have Starry Eyes
My name’s James Gregory, Ph.D. You could call me an egghead. For three years I’ve been one of Uncle Sam’s boys, tinkering with some of God’s bigger secrets at a New Mexico desert project.
A gang of killers loose on the desert — a girl who knew her way around a gun.

Date with Darkness
The hero is Lieutenant Philip Branch, USNR, who has been serving in the Navy during WWII at a desk job in Chicago, Illinois. He is soon to be released from active duty and is spending a couple weeks leave in New York City. There he meets Jeanette Duval, wife of a French collaborator, who is trying to smuggle her husband into the U.S. Trying to thwart her efforts, a group of idealistic French patriots want to capture Mr. Duval and see to it that he is punished for his collaboration with the Nazis. They all want Lieutenant Branch to assist them, and he spends most of the book trying to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are.

Night Walker
David Young is a lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve, returning to active duty. On his way to Norfolk Naval Base in the middle of the night, Young hitches a ride with Lawrence Wilson, an ill-tempered man who explains how he was recently fired from the Navy Department for alleged seditious activities. Young is suddenly attacked by the stranger and loses consciousness. When he awakens, he is laying in a hospital bed with his head wrapped in bandages. The nurse calls him “Mr. Wilson” and informs him that he is lucky to be alive after such a horrific car accident. Things get even stranger when his supposed wife — a brunette bombshell named Elizabeth — checks the still-sedated Young out of the hospital and takes him home. Without even realizing it, Young becomes the main target of a killer — or killers — involved in an intricate Communist plot that threatens the security of the nation.

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