3 Novels by Celina Grace

3 Novels by Celina Grace
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Overview: I’m a bestselling crime writer, author of The Kate Redman Mysteries, The Asharton Manor Mysteries and various standalone psychological thrillers and short stories. I am proudly ‘indie’ – I publish myself but I prefer the term ‘indie author’ to ‘self-publisher’ because, believe me, I don’t do it all on my own! Since become a full time author in June 2014, I’ve built a fabulous team of readers, editors and designers who all work with me to help me create the best possible books that I can – and I’m incredibly grateful.
Genre: Fiction » Mystery/Thriller


Lost Girls
A haunting? A hallucination? Or something even worse?
Twenty three years ago, Maudie Sampson’s childhood friend Jessica disappeared on a family holiday in Cornwall. She was never seen again. In the present day, Maudie is struggling to come to terms with the death of her wealthy father, her increasingly fragile mental health and a marriage that’s under strain. Slowly, she becomes aware that there is someone following her: a blonde woman in a long black coat. As the woman begins to infiltrate her life, Maudie realises no one else appears to be able to see her. Is Maudie losing her mind? Is the woman a figment of her imagination or does she actually exist? Have the crimes of the past caught up with Maudie’s present… or is there something even more sinister going on?

The House on Fever Street
Who’s going to save you now?
Thrown together in the aftermath of the London bombings of 2005, Jake and Bella embark on a passionate and intense romance. Soon Bella is living with Jake in his house on Fever Street, along with his sardonic brother Carl and Carl’s girlfriend, the beautiful but chilly Veronica. As Bella tries to come to terms with her traumatic experience, her relationship with Jake also becomes a source of unease. Why do the housemates never go into the garden? Why does Jake have such bad dreams and such explosive outbursts of temper? Bella is determined to understand the man she loves but as she uncovers long-buried secrets, is she putting herself back into mortal danger?

A Blessing From The Obeah Man
Dare you read on? Horrifying, scary, sad and thought-provoking, this short story collection from bestselling author Celina Grace, author of psychological thrillers Lost Girls, The House on Fever Street and the Kate Redman Mysteries will take you on a macabre journey. In the titular story, a honeymooning couple take a wrong turn on their trip around Barbados. The Mourning After brings you a shiversome story from a suicidal teenager. In Freedom Fighter, an unhappy middle-aged man chooses the wrong day to make a bid for freedom, whereas Little Drops of Happiness and Wave Goodbye are tales of darkness from sunny Down Under. Strapping Lass and The Club are for those who prefer, shall we say, a little meat to the story…


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