A Place Of Magic by Merrie Destefano

A Place Of Magic by Merrie Destefano
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 780 kB | Reissue 2021
Overview: Halloween is the wrong time to visit Ticonderoga Falls.
Dangerous fae hunt in the nearby woods.
The Prey…

Maddie MacFaddin (“Mad Mac” to fans of her bestselling magical stories) spent a blissful childhood summer in Ticonderoga Falls. That’s where she wants to be when her adult life is falling apart. The nearby forest holds many memories, some joyous, some only half-remembered. But she doesn’t remember the dark parts—and knows nothing of the legend that keeps the area’s terrified residents captive. She has no recollection of Ash, the magnificent creature who saved her life as a child, or that his kind preys upon humanity.

The Monster…

Ash, a Darkling fae, has been trapped in Ticonderoga Falls for a century—ever since his wife’s tragic death. Now, his own curse holds him captive. As penance, he’s required to hold a Hunt once a year. Then, hungry fae will descend upon the small village to harvest the dreams of the inhabitants.

The Hunt…

There are rules about harvesting humans; the poor creatures are so delicate. If you take too much, they’ll die. Without dreams, they perish. And perish they do, now and then, despite Ash’s efforts to keep them safe. Then he realizes Maddie is the prey his unwanted guests are after. But, try as he might, this time he’s not strong enough to protect her. The entire village is in danger.

Soon the Hunt will begin. And no human will be safe. ……

Please note: This is a re-release of Feast: Harvest Of Dreams. The book has been rewritten since its 2011 release.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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