Alive Like Us by Quinn Hallows

Alive Like Us by Quinn Hallows
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, 952 Kb
Overview: Long after a virus rages across the United States turning humans into flesh-eating monsters, Sanna Larson is eager to follow in her warrior father’s footsteps and defend her rural, isolated community on the wintry shores of Lake Superior.

But when a failed hunt exposes her to a new, vicious enemy, she becomes the prey. Only this predator is unlike any she’s ever faced—ruthless, cunning, and determined to destroy her life from the inside out.

The hunt is on. Nothing is safe. Not even her own mind.

As the death toll rises and evil closes in, a mysterious stranger arrives believing their only hope is to unravel Sanna’s secret origins, unearthing a dormant power she never knew existed.

Together, they undertake a perilous journey through monster-infested wastelands, searching for the one person—or thing—who can stop the insatiable threat before it devours the last remnants of human civilization…and Sanna herself.

This book is perfect for those looking for an action-packed, dystopian thriller about redemption, monsters and the heroes who fight them—even when it means risking it all.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror > Zombie Apocalypse


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