Angel of Darkness Books 6-10 by Mackenzie Morris

Angel of Darkness Books 6-10 by Mackenzie Morris
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Overview: The Clergy has fallen. Aldexa is in chaos.
One year after leaving his friends and Zeriel behind, Jaylen has created a new life himself. As First Mate on board a pirate ship, he is able to discover the world and make his own decisions. Jaylen is no longer bound by the vows he took as a paladin . . . except one. His chastity. That holy vow is in danger when he falls in love with the charismatic and beautiful Captain Kato. She shows him how to live, to love, and to move on from his tortured past.
But in a war-torn world where an evil archangel is commanding an army of demons to overtake Heaven and ancient dragons have once more appeared, Jaylen’s past will always come back to haunt him.
As tensions grow with the emergence of Sola’s holiest defenders, the seraphs, the fate of Heaven is up to Jaylen. He is reunited with his friends and discovers his true purpose. He has the power to save them all . . . or to destroy the universe.
Jaylen abandons his religion and becomes the Angel of Darkness.
Genre: Fiction » Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror



Departed (Angel of Darkness Book 6)
Defiled (Angel of Darkness Book 7)
Determined (Angel of Darkness Book 8 )
Defeated (Angel of Darkness Book 9)
Delivered (Angel of Darkness Book 10)

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