August: The Story of a Nation by Byron Gatt

August: The Story of a Nation by Byron Gatt
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, 1 Mb
Overview: August is the tale of an island nation, trying to find its way in a tumultuous world. The story of this nation is told through three of its citizens, seeing the nation move towards darkness. These three views all conflict as a debilitating disease is released, and war breaks out.

Charles Terri is a man of stature, loved by his nation. The great man is a broadcaster with the power to influence the thoughts of his people. This he does with a great pride, daily he goes in front of the camera and addresses the nation.

Katherine Laurie is president for all people, the have and have nots. Her fellow countrymen do not share her feelings. They oust her, to allow their craven wants to flourish. She goes to work for the UN, to help the immigrants she couldn’t in her homeland.

Roderick Pravo immigrated to August on a boat to escape the tyranny of the old world. August was a beacon for a better life. What he found was a country perpetuating tyranny all of its own, smarter and with less blood.

The world is changed and will never look as it once did. The countries of the world saw what hatred of the other brought. They trade this for apathy, no less insidious.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy > Dystopian > Infected


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