Blood Sky by G. Wayne Tilman

Blood Sky by G. Wayne Tilman (The MacLachlan Thrillers Book 2)
Requirements: epub, mobi, azw3 reader, 407 KB
Overview: MacLachlan has been the tip of a conceivably deniable spear for God and country.
With misgivings, he goes to Mallorca to retrieve the missing teen daughter of a Middle Eastern pharmaceutical CEO – the beautiful European operator, Anna Visser, accompanies him. And then everything goes haywire…
A COVID-19 vaccine contract is at the heart of several attacks against the billionaire and his family. MacLachlan agrees to go into Russia and take down the lab behind the attacks. Willingly, he has agreed to a mission from which he knows he will not likely return.
Rockets and bullets fly as one man takes on a company of some of the best troops in the world. Can MacLachlan possibly win such a suicide mission? Or will this be his swan song?
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


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