Chronicles of Alsea series by Fletcher Delancey

Chronicles of Alsea series by Fletcher Delancey (#1, #3, #4, #5, #8, #8.5, #9, #10)
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Overview: Fletcher DeLancey is an Oregon expatriate who left her beloved state when she met a Portuguese woman and had to choose between home and heart. She chose heart. Now she lives in the sunny Algarve, learning the birds and plants and trying every Portuguese dish she can get her hands on. (There are many. It’s going to take a while.)
She is best known for her science fiction/fantasy series Chronicles of Alsea, which has so far collected an Independent Publisher’s Award (2017 bronze medal), a Golden Crown Literary Society Award, a Rainbow Award, and been shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award.
Fletcher believes that women need far more representation in science fiction and fantasy, and takes great pleasure in writing complex tales with strong, believable women heading up the action. Her day is made every time another reader says, “I didn’t think I liked science fiction, but then I read yours.”
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy FF


The Caphenon (2nd edition): A split-second decision to save a civilization. Another decision to give it away.

Captain Ekatya Serrado has spent her career fighting the Voloth, who view less advanced civilizations as fuel for their empire. The choice between saving her ship or a world under attack is easy. The choices that come after are harder.

Lancer Andira Tal, the leader of Alsea, believes her people are alone in the universe until a gigantic spaceship crashes near her capital city. Now she is thrust into a struggle between two powerful forces, and her planet is the prize.

With a civilization and the galactic balance of power at risk, friendships and alliances may not hold against betrayal. Honor is easy when the stakes are low.

Without A Front: The Warrior’s Challenge (2nd edition): An assassin’s shot has shattered the Opah family and endangered Lancer Andira Tal. Now criminal forces are racing law enforcement to find the man who could topple Tal’s government.

With the net closing around them, Tal and Salomen Opah discover the power of their tyree bond, a power Alsea has not seen in a millennium. A desperate gamble wins them a reprieve, but the price is high: Tal loses her greatest support just when she needs it most.

As a second, more lethal trap reveals itself, the fate of Tal, Salomen, and Alsea itself rests on the edge of a blade. There is no possible way out—but there may be an impossible one. When a divine tyree bond comes into its true strength, love may not just save a heart. It may save the world.

Catalyst (second edition): After disobeying orders to save the planet of Alsea, Captain Ekatya Serrado has returned home to something less than a hero’s welcome. At her side is Dr. Lhyn Rivers, now the foremost authority on a culture that fascinates and terrifies.

Ekatya and Lhyn share a secret: they are tyrees, linked by an Alsean empathic bond that should be biologically impossible for Gaians. Exposure could destroy Ekatya’s career. But when both women are drawn into a high stakes political game, their tyree bond may be all that stands between them and a terrible fate.

In Catalyst, the fourth book of the Chronicles of Alsea, the bonds of love, friendship, and family are redefined. The intersection of the Alsean and Gaian cultures has profoundly changed both—and become a catalyst for miracles.

Vellmar the Blade (second edition): EVERY LEGEND BEGINS WITH THE TRUTH.

Lead Guard Fianna Vellmar is the daughter of a champion, trained to handle blades since she was old enough to grip a knife. Her sword skills have caught the eye of Lancer Tal herself, earning a promotion to the most elite warrior unit on Alsea.

With one dream already achieved, Vellmar sets her sights on another: the Global Games. In the annual competition of the world’s best athletes, she aims to prove herself the finest blade handler of all — until a stunning turn of events forces her to choose between life and glory, mercy and pride.

Vellmar became a legend not for winning a championship, but for losing it.

Uprising: A caste Prime with a personal grudge that may bring down the government. A captured soldier seeking peace with his former enemies. A rural landowner thrust into the highest levels of political power.

As Alsea looks to the future, its foundations are cracked by the past. The peaceful coexistence of six castes was shaped by an ancient injustice, but when Bondlancer Salomen Opah commits a well-meaning act, she disrupts the careful balance. Now Alsea teeters on the brink of caste war.

Standing between past and future are three people whose lives have been sent on a collision course by events beyond their control. An avalanche has begun, and only great courage and sacrifice can stop it.

Far Enough: Immediately after the uprising, Lhyn Rivers is called to account for her involvement in an event that shocked the world. Disturbed by her interview and missing her bondmate, she finds refuge at Hol-Opah.

Salomen Opah is at loose ends, trapped on her holding with nothing to do and no distractions from unwanted memories. Lhyn’s arrival is a welcome excuse to get out and return to an old, beloved pastime.

For five days, Salomen and Lhyn journey through landscapes both physical and emotional. Their quiet exploration brings more than just the peace they seek: it brings an unlooked-for gift that will change four lives.

This novella takes place between Books 8 and 9 (Uprising and Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm) in the Chronicles of Alsea.

Alsea Rising: Gathering Storm: As Alsea’s space elevator nears completion, an unsettling rumor arrives: the Voloth are stirring once more.

Lancer Andira Tal has been preparing for this since the Battle of Alsea, determined that her people will never again pay such a price. She will use every weapon at her disposal, including her own bondmate.

In orbit, Captain Ekatya Serrado is fighting her own battle, reporting to a hostile admiral and under suspicion for her divine tyree bond. She dares not reveal that her bond is changing in ways even the Alseans could not foresee.

Amidst the mobilization for war, romance blossoms, familiar faces return, and a warrior’s honor is restored. Life and love will endure, even in a gathering storm.

Alsea Rising: The Seventh Star: The Voloth have arrived.

Their opening gambit upends months of planning. Their second assault leaves Alsea’s defenses scrambling. The third may end it all.

While Captain Serrado and her forces desperately fight to prevent a catastrophe, Lancer Tal activates her secret weapon: the divine tyrees, led by Salomen Opah. But Salomen is no warrior, and a changing battle can unravel even the best of plans.

Divine tyrees have been absent from Alsea for one thousand cycles. Perhaps there is more to their return than science can explain, for when their collective power is wielded by the planet’s strongest empath, the consequences will reach beyond Alsea.

They will reverberate across the galaxy.

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