Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings by Des M. Astor

Cobratongue University: Professors & Kings (The Cobratongue Saga) by Des M. Astor
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Overview: The world might be shattered around us, but I’m not about to give up hope. It’s time for me, and many other humans, to learn magic.

Elapid City has established a magical college known as “Cobratongue University”, where people like me can draw from our inner power and utilize the magic that humanity has since erased from history. That isn’t the case any longer.

The vampire wars ended just a few months ago, resulting in the death of half the human population. Yes, you heard me right–a number in the billions. To say we’re in a dystopia is an understatement.

I’m among the few lucky humans who neither ended up dead nor livestock for the monsters. My name is Professor Luna Miller, and it’s my job to both learn magic and teach vampires wanting peace more about human literature within this magical college.

Anyone can learn magic. Everyone has the ability to rise to legendary mage status. But it takes dedication, and decades to master the craft. Not to mention, quite a bit of pain along the way.

All this while trying to survive the world’s new rulers that want to purge this established harmony… Oh. And did I mention many other formerly hidden magical creatures are now emerging from the shadows and joining the fray as well?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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