Dalton Series by Ed Law

Dalton Series #1-6 by Ed Law
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Overview: Ed Law is the author of the Dalton western series. 15 books are available on Amazon.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller /Western


Dalton (Dalton Series Book 1)
Bushwhacked by the corrupt lawman Walker Dodge, Dalton loses his money, his horse, his gun and very nearly his life.
Recuperating in the dead-end town of Harmony, he hears rumors of a fabulous treasure hidden nearby and, even with Walker closing in on him, that’s enticing enough to risk staying. And then there’s Misty Valdez, the one person who claims to know where the treasure is, and she entices him even more!
But the price of her help may be too high for Dalton. With time running out, can he avoid Misty’s trap and find the treasure before the gun-toting Walker catches up with him?

Dalton for Hire (Dalton Series Book 2)
When Dalton holed up in Yellow Creek he tried to put his past behind him. But for a wanted man there can be no peace and he soon finds himself as wealthy Raphael Huffman’s hired gun. Now, with a carpetbag bulging with money to guard in a town bristling with gunslingers, it isn’t long before somebody risks Dalton’s ever-ready gun.
But Dalton didn’t expect the money to be stolen from right under his nose and, even worse, for the prime suspect to be his good friend Ryan Foxglove. Despite the numerous killers standing in his way, Dalton must track down the missing money to prove Ryan’s innocence – and stay out of jail.

Deputy Dalton (Dalton Series Book 3)
As a wanted man, Dalton never expected to find himself working as a lawman. But that’s just what happens when he rides into Green Creek and the alcoholic Sheriff Holstein press-gangs him into becoming his deputy.
Dalton has no choice but to accept the assignment and soon discovers that the whole town has turned against the sheriff. And if that isn’t bad enough, Sharky Bigelow’s spree of cattle rustling is reopening an old vendetta and shattering the town’s peace with a wave of lawlessness.
To bring peace to Green Creek, Dalton must restore faith in the law. But can he succeed with nobody to trust but himself? Will the deadly aim of his six-shooter be enough?

Dalton and the River of No Return (Dalton Series Book 4)
When Dalton arrives in Warren’s Crossing, the recent heavy rain has made passage across Wilmington Creek impossible. So Dalton works for the brothers who operate the ferry, Jesse and Colbert Thornton, and that forces him to take sides in a festering family feud.
After a stint in prison the man who killed the brothers’ father, Locke Sharpe, is returning to town to renew his vendetta against them. With Marshal Rutledge Warren siding with Locke and with Jesse becoming trapped on the other side of the creek, the brothers’ situation looks desperate.
Dalton resolves to end the feud, and so he embarks on the most hazardous mission of his life to rescue Jesse and to defeat the many forces aligned against them.

Hunter Dalton (Dalton Series Book 5)
When Dalton killed a corrupt lawman, Deputy Vaughn pursued him relentlessly, but in Wilmington Point he enjoyed a welcome slice of luck. He came across Dutch Kincaid’s Wanted poster and found that the notorious outlaw had been wrongly blamed for his crime.
So when Dalton was tasked with infiltrating Dutch’s gang of bank raiders, he readily accepted the duty. He figured that if he could kill Dutch, he could claim the bounty on Dutch’s head while his own crime would be officially attributed to a dead man.
But Dalton’s dangerous task became even harder when he was partnered with a man who had good reason to kill him and even worse, he still had to face a final showdown with his nemesis Deputy Vaughn.

Dalton’s Bluff (Dalton Series Book 6)
Dalton is facing the noose when a lucky break gives him a chance of freedom. He adopts a dead man’s identity, but quickly discovers he’s made a bad choice when he finds his namesake had been hired to lead a wagon train of settlers on a perilous journey to their new life.
Dalton must become the guide the settlers want him to be although he has no knowledge of the terrain or the dangers lurking ahead. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the notorious Spitzer gang is on their trail, a mysterious stranger may know his identity and one of the settlers is a killer.
With the odds so stacked against him, can Dalton pull off the greatest bluff of his life?

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