Danny Pearson Thrillers by Stephen Taylor

Danny Pearson Thrillers by Stephen Taylor (2-6)
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Overview: was born in 1968 in Walthamstow, London but have lived in Norfolk since the age of five. I have a wife Emma and two children, Adam and Sophie.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


2. Vodka and Jellied Eels – Family Honour Must be Upheld…
When Danny’s uncle Harry Knight is pushed by a Russian Mafia family for control of London. The violence escalates until there are fatalities on both sides.
Yuri Volkov must fly to London and avenge his brother’s death and family honour. His only aim is to destroy Harry and make him suffer in the process.
Harry’s daughter May is kidnapped and his world falls apart. When he starts getting fingers in the mail he calls on the one man who can get her back.
In his quest to save his cousin before Yuri kills her. Danny must declare war on the Russian Mafia and stop at nothing until she’s safe.
High octane action at a breath-taking pace.

3. Beware the Chinaman – The future is electric. But who holds the power…
Sent by Government Agent Howard to pick up a stolen hard drive, Danny soon finds himself fighting for his life as he’s chased across Europe by the mysterious and deadly Chinaman.
The hard drive holds information to expose an organisation called the Board and its Chairman wants it back. The Boards plan is to save the planet and gain global dominance through its ecological empire. The execution of the plan is by any means necessary.

4. Alive Until I Die – When government cutbacks threaten project Dragonfly. General Rufus McManus takes direct action to secure its future. Deep undercover with his life on the line, can Danny survive long enough to bring him to justice…
After the theft of a consignment of prototype rifles, and the death of one of Howard’s agents. Danny Pearson is sent undercover to infiltrate a team of ex-special forces soldiers, led by his old SAS buddy Commander Rex Benton.
Things go from bad to worse when the team steals an experimental pulse weapon and plant it in an unknown venue. Danny enters into a race against time to find the weapon before it goes off, while trying to stay alive as the General terminates all links back to project Dragonfly.

5. Sport of Kings – When Danny’s old SAS buddy goes missing, Danny’s unit reunite to find him. When they follow Smudges trail they find themselves on the wrong side of an international drug smuggling operation and the sport of kings, an exclusive hunt of a deadly nature…
When Smudge rings from the Norfolk coast he’s in big trouble, Danny and his old SAS team mate Fergus drive up to help him only to find he’s vanished. When the search the holiday chalet, the only clues they can find are Smudges diving gear and a brick of cocaine sealed in plastic.
Things go from bad to worse and Danny and friends end up going head to head with drug smugglers and the Sport of Kings run by Lord Bartholomew Harrington-Smythe and Sir John Riddlesworth.

6. Blood Runs Deep – Five Years Ago (Vodka Over London Ice) The London mob clashed with the Russian Mafia. Death and violence escalated, putting Danny’s family in danger. Danny Pearson ended the war, or so he thought…
Time has passed and Yuri Volkov’s daughter Annika has come of age, after reviving her father’s empire she spends five long years searching for her father’s killer, and now she’s found him.
Kidnapped and packaged off to a Moscow prison, Danny learns of his fate. Annika Volkov doesn’t want him dead; she wants him to spend an eternity of suffering at the hands of the Volkov Mafia inmates…

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