Daughter of Shattered Skies by Sara DeLaVergne (Shattered Trilogy 1)

Daughter of Shattered Skies by Sara DeLaVergne (Shattered Trilogy 1)
Requirements: epub, mobi, azw3 reader, 602 KB
Overview: Ellorhys is curse-locked. Anchored to the planet’s moon and incapable of rotation, the realm is trapped–divided between brutal scorching Day, and frosty, endless Night.
Under eternal night skies, Imperial Princess Issaria Elysitao is reared by her only remaining family. With Aunt Cate’s guidance, Issaria is urged toward conquest of the Daylight cities responsible for the regicide, but she cannot help to wonder if the curse meant to protect her was not the very thing her parents banished long ago. As Issaria tests the restrictions set forth by the Empress Regent, it becomes obvious that there is more to her magic than even she realized. Something strange lurks within, making her powers unstable. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday, it speaks to her and promises more than vengeance.
North of the Timeline, Prince Calix prepared to inherit Hinhallow from his warlord father on one condition: he must eliminate the growing threat of the Imperial Princess before she can receive her crown from the Evernight Witch and unleash darkness upon the rest of Ellorhys.
Worlds collide and Issaria is forced to flee across the continent. With deadly foes on the horizon, Issaria is left with no options and less time. She must find the origin of all magic, the fabled Vera Caelum, and awaken her powers before she loses herself entirely.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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