DCI Keane Scottish: Deadly Highlands series by Oliver Davies

DCI Keane Scottish: Deadly Highlands series by Oliver Davies (#1-2,4)
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Overview: Oliver Davies was born in Sussex and raised in London, but never felt at home until he settled in the soggy but beautiful Yorkshire dales. Brought up on crime novels borrowed second-hand from his dad, he’s always wished his life involved less laundry and more car chases, though writing is probably safer. Between tussling with his several dogs and rambling the moors, Oliver finds time for writing moody police detectives, playing the guitar, and occasionally even communicates with the outside world.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


1. Dark of Night
When the sudden, violent death of a farmer echoes through the Highlands, it’s up to DCI Conall Keane and his team to unravel the mystery. From the start, it is clearly a case of foul play, but every thread toward the culprit leads to a fresh tangle. Is the local lord involved? The uni students camping on the land? Criminals hunting for a lost treasure? Fortunately, Conall has a secret weapon to cut through to the truth: his eccentric, genius cousin, Shay. But even then, will the pair survive what they uncover in the dark of the night?

2. Blood on the Water
A dead businessman on a ferry, suspicious circumstances, and a mysterious disappearing ferry worker? All the best reasons to bring in DCI Conall Keane and his brilliant cousin, Shay, to decipher the mystery. But when the truth behind the murdered man becomes tangled in international smuggling, a local whisky distillery, and a fabulously wealthy Dutch traveller, what started as a simple mystery becomes a web of danger and intrigue that might very well become the pair’s last case.

4. Castle Killings
When a Dutch sailor is found dead in the water near Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, the Wick Police have dozens of questions and desparately few answers. With foul play afoot, DCI Conall Keane and his eccentric and brilliant cousin, Shay, are brought in the get to the heart of the matter. But between a by-the-book Area Commander and a dearth of clues, even the Keanes may be stumped… and everything only grows more serious when news of a disappearance coincides with the murder. Now, it’s a race against the clock to put the pieces together before more bodies start to pile up in these castle killings.

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