Dead For Good series by Stacy Claflin, Nolon King

Dead For Good series by Stacy Claflin, Nolon King (#1,3)
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Overview: Stacy Claflin is a USA Today bestselling thriller author who has published more than 75 novels, including Girl in Trouble and The Perfect Death. She has always been curious about the human mind, and in her quest to learn more, she earned a degree in Psychology. Her favorite course was Abnormal Behavior, which has been useful in writing fiction.

Nolon King writes fast-paced psychological thrillers set in the glitzy world of entertainment’s power players with a bold, insightful voice. He’s not afraid to explore the darker side of human nature through stories featuring families torn apart by secrets and lies.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


1. Dead For Good
When your only alibi is a dead man, you don’t have much of a defense. Brad Morris likes to think of himself as one of the best: an assassin at the top of his game. For years, he’s juggled work and family — attentive husband and loving father by day, cold-blooded killer by night. But when the charismatic neighbor that Brad openly despises turns up dead on the same night he was out on a hit, Brad suddenly finds himself a prime suspect. His wife lies to the police but her lie only lands him deeper in trouble, and it’s clear she thinks he might be guilty too. Brad’s being framed and he knows it, but it’s nearly impossible for him to prove his innocence without admitting he’s an assassin. Can he catch the killer without endangering his family — or blowing his own cover?

3. Dead of Night
Brad Morris isn’t the only killer in his family. When his teenage daughter Hadley accidentally kills a friend, Brad knows exactly how to cover it up — as an assassin, he’s been getting rid of bodies for years. But he has no idea how to shepherd his daughter through the guilt and remorse that’s eating her alive. Despite everything Brad does to keep her out of jail, she still wants to confess. Brad doubts that the police will believe Hadley’s claim that Nate was threatening her, and he can’t bear to see Hadley go to jail. Worse, the social worker who’s searching for Nate won’t leave the Morris family alone. Unless Brad finds a way to pin the murder on someone else, it’s only a matter of time before Hadley lets the truth slip out. Will Brad’s false trail lead the police and the social worker to a believable dead end? Or will he have to confess to Nate’s murder to save his little girl?

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