Detective Largarde Series by Clara Lewis (1-4)

Detective Largarde Series by Clara Lewis (1-4)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 662 KB
Overview:Since young, I loved to read. My favourite classic reads were Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I liked to watch detective mystery movies and TV series. Nowadays, I spend most of my available time writing. Do support my work and I will WRITE my best for you !
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. Inferno – Detective Angelina Largarde is determined.
She’s been recently transferred to the Detroit Police Department, and she wants nothing more than to make a difference…in her community, and in her own life. Plagued by the memories of a mysterious tragedy that left her family dead, she’s ready to take on whatever the department throws her way.
But Angelina soon discovers that something terrifying is afoot. There’s a new case, one that looks eerily similar to the events surrounding the deaths of her family members. And though she’s chilled to the bone, she decides that she must get to the bottom of the case. Much to the surprise (and distaste) of her peers, she takes on the case.
As Angelina works hard to uncover the truth, she finds that there are far more secrets in her midst…and that some truths are more horrifying than she ever expected…
Will Detective Lagarde uncover the truth before it’s too late? Or will she be burned by the evil that lurks behind her?

2. Subway – Detective Lagarde has solved an arsonist case after being transferred to the Detroit police department from LA. However, she’s faced with another challenge solving a crime involving an apparent serial killer who is notorious for murdering teenage girls.
She teams up with her colleague, Jerry to take down this killer. Still, the killer continues to hide in the shadows, concealing his identity carefully and escaping all CCTV cameras.
She tracks the killer one day to a subway where she suspects he’s about to dump another of his victims but instead she lands in a hospital.
Did she capture the killer?

3. Railway – “I’M COMING FOR YOU, CHIEF” was written on the wall for the new crime. Detective Lagarde who is now the Chief saw this message. She knew that message is for her…

4. Shadow – Will Angelina choose the people she loves over the case? Who is the serial killer?
There is a serial killer in the city of Detroit whose main target is women in their mid-twenties and it’s left for Angelina and her team to solve the case. The serial killer wipes evidence off the victim’s body after the job is done which makes it almost impossible to solve the case as soon as possible.
The same day that Angelina noticed someone was following her. Angelina begins to receive calls and texts from the serial killer threatening her to drop the case. She finds herself in a tight spot in which she has to decide whether to save her loved ones or continue to work on the case.

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