DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Series by Simon McCleave

DI Ruth Hunter Crime Thriller Series by Simon McCleave (4-8, 10)
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Overview: I’m based in Hitchin in Hertfordshire in the UK, although I’m originally from the north east. When I’m not writing the series (which largely involves lots of late nights and candles) I run a hosiery retail company and – when opportunity permits – indulge in a bit of screen acting.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


4. The Devil’s Cliff Killings – A missing teenager. A web of prison corruption and human trafficking. Can DI Ruth Hunter blow the lid off the case in time to save a sixteen year old girl?
Detective Inspector Ruth Hunter has resolved to put the grief of her missing partner behind her and continue to make a life away from London in Snowdonia. When a sixteen year old girl, Rosie, mysteriously vanishes, the case brings up unresolved issues from the past for Ruth.
Ruth realises that the key to Rosie’s disappearance might lie within a violent battle for control of a local prison. As they race against the clock, Ruth, and her sidekick DS Nick Evans, begin to uncover slavery, intimidation and bribery, only to find that the repercussions of the investigation damage those they are closest to.

5. The Berwyn River Killings – A double suicide. A dark investigation into historic abuse. Can DI Ruth Hunter link the present killings to secrets of the past before the killer strikes again?

6. The White Forest Killings – A dangerous Islamic terrorist. A safe house in the middle of Snowdonia. Can DI Ruth Hunter and DS Nick Evans deliver the suspect safely before there is a deadly rescue attempt?

7. The Solace Farm Killings – A fanatical religious cult. A growing list of missing teenagers. Can DI Ruth Hunter and DS Nick Evans uncover the dark secrets of Solace Farm before there is another ritual killing?

8. The Menai Bridge Killings – A young couple on the run. A trail of death and destruction. Can DI Ruth Hunter stop Snowdonia’s answer to Bonnie and Clyde before another innocent victim is murdered?

10. The River Seine Killings – A missing ex-partner. A web of corruption. Can DI Ruth Hunter locate and rescue the woman she loved before she vanishes again – this time forever.
Having disappeared off the face of the earth seven years ago, DI Ruth Hunter has been unable to give up the search for her missing ex-partner, Sarah. Following a series of new clues, Ruth flies to Paris in a desperate attempt to find Sarah before she is trafficked out of the country…or worse!
Racing against time and in emotional turmoil, Ruth finds herself embroiled in the dark underbelly of French political and police corruption and the murky world of sex trafficking. Met with a wall of silence at every turn, Ruth must do whatever it takes to find Sarah and uncover the truth behind her disappearance, even if it means losing her beloved career and risking her own life.
With time running out, Ruth wonders who she can really trust, who is following her and if she will ever see Sarah again?

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10. The River Seine Killings  

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