Dungeon Walkers 2 by Daniel Schinhofen (Dungeon Walkers #2)

Dungeon Walkers 2 by Daniel Schinhofen (Dungeon Walkers #2)
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Overview: Alistern “Stern” Masterson never expected to have the sort of life he found himself living. He was an irregular— a person who looked like the undead and had unusual perks— and his life hadn’t been very pleasant, so he’d written off the idea of ever finding anyone who understood him. Then, an old lady had asked for help, and he’d given it…
Stern was able to rescue Cyra Walot’s shards from the Bloodstone dungeon, after which he was brought before the city magistrate on false charges. Cyra helped him clear his name, and he was set free with the newly reborn Cyra beside him.
Although the rabbit lykian had lived a rough life and died horribly inside the dungeon, she wasn’t about to let that stop her from following her own dream. Seeing her determination, Stern offered to help her. Together, they ran the starting dungeons so that Cyra could develop the skills she would need to survive as a Walker.
Stern and Cyra found a friend in Trish Moxy, an accomplished leatherworker. That friendship blossomed and grew, becoming something that none of them had expected.
The new triad relationship and fledgling crew trained together in Darkstone, preparing to take on the next set of dungeons. These would be much harder, but they felt like they had a chance if they worked together.
After Darkstone, they set out for Waterrock. They were intent on finding people to fill out their crew, knowing they would need more allies for what the future held.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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