Fairy Batmother Series by Willow Mason

Fairy Batmother Series by Willow Mason (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 373 KB
Overview: She lives in a small town in New Zealand, far too close to the beach and fantastic walking trails to get nearly as much work done as she should. Until someone bestows magic powers on her, she’ll just keep hoping for the invention of self-cleaning dishes and self-washing clothes.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. At Your Fairy Worst – I’m a fairy godmother, turned vampire, assigned to protect a detective sergeant determined to wipe out my entire nest.
That’s the TL;DR version, anyway.
Born without wings, I was never considered suitable for the cushy assignments my compatriots scored from the high council. Instead, I mucked around on the low rungs of the ladder, taking piecemeal work that earned me a reputation as a Ms Fixit.
But when a dead policeman (don’t ask) seeks my help to solve a murder, I find myself investigating a crime syndicate of paranormal proportions. A situation that’s not improved when I wake one morning sprouting a set of long-desired wings—vampiric in nature.
Now the dead cop’s partner wants us to team up and hunt down the very bats who turned me. If I don’t die in the attempt to kill them, I might very well perish when he stakes my “bat-daddy.”
I’m all for solving crime… just not at my expense. But if I don’t help, who knows what the man will get up to on his lonesome? Better the devil you know than waking up one morning with a wooden splinter through the you-know-what.

2. So Fairy So Good – I’m now an (almost) fully accredited PI, hunting a small-time politician’s killer while the rest of the world thinks I murdered him.
Same old, same old.
As the small-time notoriety from my last endeavour fades from memory, I set my focus on expanding my investigation service. So, when a new client hires me to follow her husband and catch him “in flagrante,” I’m on board.
Unfortunately, he soon turns up dead. Even worse, my fingerprints are on the murder weapon.
Of course, there’s an innocent explanation, but getting the police to believe that is a Herculean task. With premature news reports painting me as public enemy number one, I’ll have to work hard to solve his murder if I want to keep my business (and myself) alive.

1. At Your Fairy Worst  

2. So Fairy So Good  

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