Fallen Reaper by Leo Hull

Fallen Reaper by Leo Hull (Fallen Power Book 4)
Requirements: epub, mobi, azw3 reader, 369 KB
Overview: Beneath the ice, Tristan buried the malevolent Fallen source. But one fragment escaped. Its light enchants the eye. Its touch corrupts flesh and soul. It seeks to spread the same fell unity that brought down the Fallen civilization. And every power on the Albeder sea conspires to claim this Fallen heirloom.
Only Tristan and his Bound know the truth of the Fallen. Only they have the will to confront the source and destroy it.
With so many enemies, they need a new ally—an enchanting woman seemingly every bit as dedicated to the task as they are. But can the former Risen mistress be trusted? In her past, she experimented with Fallen artifacts. Now, she meddles with dreams and nightmares.
The only choice is to work together. The Fallen infection spreads and war looms. They must sow chaos and use their Fallen Gifts to strike at the source itself. Failure is worse than death—it will break the bonds that wed their souls.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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