Frontier’s Crusade (Frontiers #6) by Robert C. James

Frontier’s Crusade (Frontiers #6) by Robert C. James
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 384 kB
Overview: The Kalceni are gone. But will their demise mean the galaxy’s end?

Beyond the gateway, Jason Cassidy and the crew of the Cargo Ship Argo have enjoyed a freedom experienced by only a select few. However, in the background, an ancient darkness lingers, ready to destroy everything.

Back on Earth, Professor Javier Petit is asked on an adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it will mean returning to the site the Kalceni once called home.

On the galactic stage, the Alliance faces the biggest crisis in its history. With civil war on the horizon, can the forces of good combine to defeat evil, or will the shadow of chaos reign over the galaxy?

If you enjoy gritty space opera and tales of intrigue in the vein of Firefly and The Expanse, you’ll love Frontier’s Crusade–the sixth book in Robert C. James’ Frontiers series.

Buy Frontier’s Crusade today to follow the adventures of the Argo’s crew as they go beyond the Reach and discover the galaxy isn’t quite what they imagined…
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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