Gossip Cozy Mystery Series by Rosie A. Point

Gossip Cozy Mystery Series (2-3) by Rosie A. Point
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Overview: Rosie A. Point is the new burger-lovin’ cozy mystery writer on the block. She’s passionate about all thing ‘cooking’ and spends evenings devising new recipes to put in the backs of her books.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


#2 – The Case of the Key Lime Crimes
It’s the perfect night for a slice of key lime pie. And a murder…

Ex-spy Charlie Mission has settled into her role as Gossip’s ‘fixer’—the woman folks come to when they’ve got a problem nobody else can fix. When she’s asked to find a missing recipe book right before the Tri-State Baking Competition, she’s sure it will be an open and shut case. Hunt down the thief, retrieve the book, and cash in on the bounty.

But life is never simple in this cozy, small town.

When Charlie heads out to interview the first suspected thief on her list, she finds a dead body instead. It’s murder by poisoned key lime pie, and to make matters worse, the recipe book is nowhere to be found. With a detective breathing down her neck, the famous Tri-State Baking Competition looming, and a murderer on the loose, Charlie’s running out of time.

Can Charlie and her grandmother figure out whodunit before the key lime killer strikes again?

#3 – The Case of the Custard Conspiracy
When the clock strikes twelve, there’s custard, a conspiracy, and murder afoot…

When ex-spy Charlie Mission receives a mysterious letter during one of her midnight snack raids in the Gossip Inn’s kitchen, she’s intrigued. As the small town’s only ‘fixer’ she’s used to her fair share of strange requests. But this one is unique.

The bride-to-be of a local wedding, catered by none other than Charlie’s grandmother, has written to tell Charlie that she’s terrified for her wellbeing. There are two murderers after her, and she can’t reveal who they are unless Charlie comes to see her in person.

But when Charlie attends the wedding hoping to meet her new client, disaster strikes. The bride drops dead at the altar and chaos breaks loose.

With too many suspects to count, accusations around every corner, and something suspicious in the custard pie, Charlie might just have an unsolvable mystery on her hands.

Can she figure out whodunit before she becomes the next victim?

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