Guardian by Mark J. Cannon

Guardian by Mark J. Cannon
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Overview: It’s been twelve years since Sara O’Connell’s husband, Jacob, died under mysterious circumstances. Now Sara is moving her two grown children, Mary and Ben, 3,000 miles to the west coast to escape the memories of Jonathan Vargas, the evil man behind Jacob’s death. Although Jacob killed Vargas, who for years stalked and tormented the couple, Sara can still sense the darkness that had possessed their stalker.

But moving away from Clarington won’t stop the evil from pursuing Sara and her children.
Sara couldn’t know that the same malevolence that infected Vargas now has control over his son, Dylan — a son who eagerly recommenced the same disturbing obsession with the O’Connells that his father once had.

Now Sara will need to prepare her kids for what’s coming. They will be forced to confront a pursuer with the skill to hide in plain sight. One who is fixated on a perverted sense of vengeance. But what no one’s counting on is that the guardian abilities Ben inherited from his father are remarkably enhanced, with potentially deadly results for more than just the enemy. Once again, the O’Connells are in a fight for their lives.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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