Hallow Haven Witch Mysteries by Mara Webb

Hallow Haven Witch Mysteries by Mara Webb (1-9)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 1.6 mB
Overview:I write short, sweet and (hopefully) funny paranormal cozy mysteries. I like sassy witches, annoying cats, cute towns and everything magic. When I’m not writing rants from mouthy fictional cats, I am looking after my one year old boy or my husband. (Not sure which one is more difficult to be honest.)
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. All Wands on Deck – Sadie Alden got on a plane with no intention of looking back. She sold up her cafes back home and took up an opportunity that looked too good to be true. A beach side café on a remote island where no one knows her name, doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well… things are never simple.
News of her arrival seemed to travel fast across the island of Hallow Haven, but the locals know things about Sadie that she hasn’t told anyone, things that even she doesn’t know.
She’s barely started a tour of the place before she is dragged into a cellar to dodge the incoming storm. Her new friend Kate insists that Sadie accompany her on a damage check around the island. First stop; the cemetery. It seems that there is one extra grave and it has been uncovered by the rain.
This is the beginning of a whole new chapter for Sadie, she is about to learn things about herself that have been hidden all her life. It turns out she has relatives out here, and they are all witches too.
Hallo Haven is a place filled with ancient feuds, magic and secrecy. Sadie was brought here by fate and only she can bring peace to the islands that surround her. Who can she turn to for help? The hot Sheriff that is trying to keep his distance, the local hiking expert that appears when Sadie is in danger, or the ghost in her kitchen? Life’s a beach.

2. Ghost Writer – Life sure did get interesting for Sadie Alden once she moved to Hallow Haven. She now lives in a world of magic, ghosts and endless possibilities, what more could a girl want?
When the local radio contest announces a Battle of the Bands competition, the islands are a buzz with activity. With her friend, Kate, as the organizer of the event, Sadie is soon dragged along as a judge. It’s all anyone is talking about, and soon she realizes that people are willing to do anything to win, even kill.
With her duties as the resident peacekeeper, Sadie is requested to travel to one of the outer islands to investigate a disappearance. Who’s missing? Oh, just everybody. At least the main house there isn’t filled with ominous letters… just kidding.
As if things couldn’t get more complicated, Sadie seems to be stuck in a love triangle, her shapeshifting cat familiar keeps talking about the werewolf on the island and a book of dark magic has found its way into the wrong hands.
Can Sadie restore order to Hallow Haven before anyone else gets hurt?

3. Witch In The Water – Sadie Alden has a man by her side, magic in her blood and a ringing in her ears. What was that explosion?
As the resident peacekeeper, it’s her job to leave the main island of Hallow Haven and follow trouble wherever it may lead. Once again, it has led her to a dead body. This time it seems like there is much more to the crime than meets the eye.
As the people of the island swarm her head with local myths and legends, Sadie must wade through the information in search of the truth. Someone that was presumed missing has been found in the worst way, a water spirit is threatening to get its revenge and Sadie’s cat has reached a whole new level of annoying.
Hopefully she can get to the bottom of the mystery in time to enjoy the romantic events on the island with her new beau, but what are the chances of that happening?

4. Rags to Witches – Sadie Alden would love nothing more than to spend the weekend soaking up the sunshine with her boyfriend, but it seems that’s not on the cards.
With a golf tournament taking over the islands, Sadie is required to supervise the event despite having little interest in the sport. Will she make a faux pas on the fairway? Absolutely.
Ryder has assured her that there will be clear blue skies for the next few days, but it seems his weather control magic has gone wrong in the worst way possible. Can he fix it before anyone gets hurt?
An IRS agent is making a nuisance of himself at the café and the staff are struggling to keep up with his many demands. Sadie’s talking cat seems to think that there is something fishy going on, but doesn’t he always?
Miller and Sadie’s relationship is put to the test when a dangerous situation arises and she has to think fast in order to save her own life. Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone will be getting out of this thing alive.

5. May Day – Sadie Alden has been having a tough week. A huge question mark hangs over her relationship with Miller and things only seem to be getting worse.
As Hallow Haven prepares for the May Day celebrations, Effie and Kate are trying their best to keep Sadie busy. They can only distract her for so long. Sadie quickly learns that the first day of May is significant in the witch calendar, and for some residents it is important for all the wrong reasons.
In an effort to turn things around, Sadie tries her hand at a spell for good luck, but she’s not used to practicing magic by herself and seems to have made a mistake.
In the hours that follow the spell, Sadie finds herself caught up in the dark side of the summer festival. A mysterious woman’s arrival threatens to disrupt the dynamic between Sadie and her guardians, a missing sister might provide a way out, and a ticking clock reminds them all how little time they have left.

6. Witch Way Down – Sadie Alden is still processing recent events but distracts herself by throwing all her energy into redecorating her house. Is she trying to avoid the truth? Obviously… but this new pastime is taking her in some unusual directions.
A dispute on the far side of the main island threatens to become violent, but when Sadie and her guardian arrive, it seems that they are already too late. The warring neighbors both claim to have no knowledge of how a dead body found its way to the base of the cliffs beside their property, but at least one of them is lying.
Sadie is quickly realizing that there are more secrets hidden around this island that she first knew, and the more you know, the more in danger you are in.
When your life gets flipped upside down, who should you turn to? Your friends, the radio psychiatrist that won’t take no for an answer, or your talking cat? What about her guardian? Relatives are cropping up all over Hallow Haven and you know what they say, you can’t choose your family, but you can ignore their phone calls!

7. Red Letter Witch – Sadie Alden has received a threat, and it seems that she’s not the only one.
The people of Hallow Haven are growing increasingly concerned about the sender of several poison pen letters, fear is gripping the islands and Sadie needs to do something about it. Will this mystery writer make good on their threats? Or is it all talk?
The newspaper is dedicating more and more column inches to ‘missing persons’ recently, meaning that people are going to extreme lengths to protect their loved ones. For some it’s too late…
Hypnosis is bringing up memories that Sadie thought were long forgotten, one in particular rings alarm bells. There are uncanny parallels between a recent murder and an old case that was never solved, one that brought Sadie to the islands in the first place.
It’s not even like she can get a good night’s sleep anymore, there is a new danger looming at sundown and it’s enough to make your blood run cold…

8. Third Time’s A Charm – Sadie didn’t used to be superstitious, but recent events could persuade any skeptic to believe in the paranormal.
An old cold case bares a striking resemblance to a murder that occurred in Hallow Haven weeks ago, and now it seems that history is repeating itself in more ways than one. The police have a main suspect, but Sadie has her doubts.
After a conversation with her familiar, she uncovers a new branch of her family tree that could change everything. The truth is about to come out, and it could spell trouble. Could she finally find out where her parents have been all this time?
Kate and Effie, her two best friends, are desperate to teach her some more protection spells because this killer seems to murder in threes… no one is safe.
At least she has dinner with her boyfriend’s parents to look forward to, but honestly that might turn out to be the most stressful part of her week.

9. Give Up The Ghost – Sadie suspects that she won’t have a happy Halloween this year, and with good reason.
As the festivities sweep the islands, it seems not everyone is in the holiday spirit. Darcy, Sadie’s aunt, is calling in all her favors to wreak havoc and there are a lot of people in her debt. When loyalty lines are drawn, who will be on Sadie’s side?
Planning the Halloween banquet can at least give her something positive to focus on, but when a customer dies right in the middle of the café most people lose their appetite. Sadie really has her hands full when people start pointing fingers at her for the death on her property.
Everyone in Hallow Haven is acting strangely, there must be something in the water. Miller asking if he can move in with her is the icing on the cake of a crazy week, and when doubts start to creep in, she wonders if she’s making the right decision.
Revenge has been the flavor of the month for far too long, but Sadie is beginning to worry that she is outnumbered. This spooky season will be all tricks, no treats.

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