In Charm’s Way (Midlife Magic #2) by Joan Grey

In Charm’s Way (Midlife Magic #2) by Joan Grey
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 618 KB
Overview: Keeping secrets will get you killed.

Kay thought the danger was over when she helped capture that vampire—but he wasn’t alone, and his companion is even more frightening. She expects that the coven will make sure that everyone, even non-magic externes, will be protected from the threatened invasion of un-Contracted vampires, but none of the other witches are willing to bend the rules on secrecy.

Now she has to navigate telling her parents about her new abilities, helping her daughter Maddie deal with her father’s complete inability to take responsibility for his actions, and figuring out why Androwe, usually the most tolerant of the local vampires, hates her new client.

On top of everything, coven politics turn out to be more complex than she thought, and vampire Clade politics are even worse. Kay’s life gets more difficult when magic makes a completely unexpected choice, one which ties her permanently to the coven and its archaic insistence on isolation.

Then Maddie is kidnapped by the still-at-large evil vampire. Now, with stronger coven members unavailable, Kay must work fast to rescue her daughter and the other victims before they’re killed, or worse.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy Paranormal


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