Ingenairii series by Jeffrey Quyle

Ingenairii series by Jeffrey Quyle (Books 1-10)
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Overview: Jeff Quyle has lived most of his life in the Midwest, with brief spans of time spent living in Arizona and Canterbury, England. He is an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, US and British history, and the Aubry/Maturin Napoleonic naval war adventure novels written by Patrick O’Brian. The first books he remembers are the “Lucky Starr” science fiction stories of Paul French (a pseudonym of Isaac Asimov), and he spent his youth reading Asimov, Tolkien, Heinlein, and others.
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Ingenairii series

01] – Visions of Power: The opening book in the Ingenairii Series introduces Alec the Healer, in the days when he worked as a menial helper in a traveling carnival that toured the great cities of the magic land of the Dominion. Alec’s carnival makes a fateful decision to visit lands in the wilderness, where he is exposed to violence and fear, and where he is forced to scramble for survival. When Alec and Natalie plunge into the ruins of Riverside, the adventures begin to come fast and furious, and before he knows it, Alec will acquire new abilities to heal the injuries of other in miraculous ways, and then be pressed to exercise those abilities to save the most powerful noble in the Dominion, the Duke of Goldenfields!

Saving the Duke, and discovering that his act of healing will become a political act that plunges him into court intrigue, brings Alec face-to-face with new challenges and new people – allies and adversaries who seek to control him and his powers.

With his change in abilities, change in status, and his uncertainty about what he wants to do, Alec has to decide who to trust, and how to protect himself in a complex world.

02] – At The Seat of Power: It amounts to exile. Alec has left Goldenfields after false rumors destroy the life he has found there. Now he will reside in Oyster Bay, home of the king’s court and Ingenairii Hill, where Alec will be trained to master the ingenairii energies he has the potential to exercise. His clean start in Oyster Bay will be challenged by politics and jealousies and jockeying for power as the old order of the Dominion starts to crumble under an elderly king without an heir. Even when he tries to keep to himself, Alec will stumble into trouble among his fellow engenairii, and the nobility at the palace. The possibility of becoming a rare ingenairii who can master both healing and warrior powers beckons Alec, and his potential is great, if he stays focused on the lessons taught in the house of master warrior Rubicon. But Alec will reunite with an old acquaintance, and all hope for a peaceful stay in Oyster Bay will end in deadly results, and Alec’s subsequent, impetuous reaction. Only his solace through miraculous healing can carry Alec until the call comes to return to Goldenfields, but will he be able to find peace serving in the court he was banished from, where memories of his past still haunt his relationships among the Guard? Promises of power, honor and romance tempt Alec as he learns that he has greater potential than he ever realized, if he can follow Aristotle’s advice.

03] – The Loss of Power: Following his adventures and changes in “Visions of Power” and “The Seat of Power”, Alec believes he can settle into life in Goldenfields as a healer and a member of the Guard, dedicated to protecting his Duke and his city. But the coup in Oyster Bay has unleashed unexpected challenges to Goldenfields, and Alec leads a mission that is a gamble to save Bondell, the poor and isolated ally of Goldenfields, now under attack by Oyster Bay forces. For Alec, the chance to try new tactics in fighting the war, and the chance to be with Bethany on the journey make the Bondell expedition a great success at first, until he makes a mistake in his use of the ingenairii powers, and cripples himself severely. After that, Alec is left with only one way to restore his health, his powers, and his usefulness – he must make a pilgrimage to the lost Pool of John Mark to find a cure for his ills. At the pool he is astounded by what he finds; not just health, but the revelation of secrets that will change the politics of the Dominion. Alec is compelled to abandon his dreams of serving Goldenfields and of remaining with Bethany to pursue different battles and a higher agenda that will challenge him and everyone who had thought they knew him.

04] – The Lifesaving Power: A deadly set of expectations await Alec the Healer, the former carnival hand who is now the Protector of the Crown. He is under a compulsion to travel to the City of Stronghold, a powerful trading base for the Locksfort clan. He must attempt to use his ingenaire healing powers there to resurrect his former companion, Noranda, who is a pawn in the deadly games of politics and finances. Traveling to Stronghold, finding Noranda’s crypt, and discovering her cure won’t be easy to carry out under the Locksforts’ noses.
And if he survives his journey to Stronghold, Alec will need to raise the forces to repel the lacertii invasion of the Dominion. His ally in Goldenfields, Duke Toulon, faces long odds in holding back the lacertii forces.
With such monumental tasks to carry out, Alec seems to have little time or hope of repairing his relationship with Bethany, whose patience has come to an end. Has Alec ignored the water ingenairii for too long while he has traveled and battled across the Dominion?

05] – Against the Empire: The fifth book of the Ingenairii Series provides a dramatic change in location as Alec journeys on a desparate solo adventure to regain the powers he has lost. When his journey takes him to John Mark’s lost cave, Alec finds himself transported to a new part of the world, one unknown to the Dominion, where a strange and dangerous culture exposes him to a demonic menace that he cannot defeat. With a new friend to guide him through the puzzling ways of Michian, Alec must find a way to remove the threat that Michian poses to the Dominion, and to his own life.

06] – Preserving the Ingenairii: The Ingenairii Series concludes in “Preserving the Ingenairii” when Alec floats down the Giffey River, returning to the Dominion after his battle with Michian’s demon at Ravinia Bridge and John Mark’s Cave. He arrives in Goldenfields, ready to embrace his destiny as the next ruler of the Dominion, only to discover that all members of the ingenairii race, including his fiancee Bethany, have been struck down with an unidentifiable illness, leaving them all unconscious and wasting away in a coma-like state.

Thus begins Alec’s great adventure, a desperate journey that will take him from Oyster Bay to Stronghold, across the eastern plains and into the wilderness of the Pale Mountains in search of long-forgotten ancient ruins.

John Mark reveals that Alec will have to travel into the lands of the lacertii, and seek their help, for only they can guide him to find the weapon he will need if he is to save the ingenairii – an ancient, holy talisman that resides in a place across the lacertii kingdom, where Michian’s invasion has created a deadly battle zone.

And if Alec can gain the lacertii’s trust, and then survive the challenges of the conflict zone, he will be armed and ready to take on his most difficult battle: a physical journey into the ingenairii dimension in order to fight a demon!

Alec has faced rebellions, invasions, and deadly injuries, but how can he hope to beat a demon enhanced in the energy realm, especially when he must struggle to survive a daunting quest without calling upon his own powers?

07] – Rescuing the Captive: Alec has been the most powerful man in two great nations — the Dominion and the Michian Empire. But one day he awakens in a small boat adrift in an empty sea; he has no memory, no understanding of his abilities, no recognition of the world around him. When a fishing vessel picks him up, he doesn’t even speak the same language. By the time the former ruler is put on land, he knows only a few words of the Avonellene language, and he has no purpose in life. But a runaway wagon, criminally hijacked in front of him, spurs him to leap to the aid of the wagon-driver and his daughter, leading to adventures in Vincennes, the capital of the Avonellene Empire, and throughout a number of locations in the widespread lands of the empire. With an accidentally stolen treasure on their hands, Alec and his adopted “sister” Bethany try to create a new life in Great Vincennes, the teeming metropolis that is the capital of the Empire, home to the imperial palace. They hope that they can use Vincennes to hide in as Bethany hones her swordsmanship so that she can become a guard in the fortress city Black Crag, a mountain fastness far away, where women are treated as equals. But their treasure attracts attention, and then a political upheaval in Vincennes brings danger, separation, and a desparate race to try to reunite in Black Crag, requiring a dangerous trip through the mountains in the dead of winter.

08] – Ajacii and Demons: Alec is in the Avonellene empire, a mountainous realm whose inhabitants are suspicious of foreigners, and his heavy accent, along with his ignorance of local customs, leaves him exposed as someone from the outside.
He has battled through constant conflict on behalf of Princess Esmere Caitlen Trelawney, deposed in a coup that swept her off the throne. Now she is back on the throne with a tenuous grasp on power thanks to Alec’s extraordinary abilities, which have preserved her independence and exposed traitors within the ranks of her supporters.
Alec has done the unthinkable — he has fallen in love with the princess. For his temerity, he is to be exiled away from her court, sent off to fight battles on her behalf far from the capitol, and he agrees to leave, knowing his presence is detrimental to the princess’s chances to hold on to power.
He will fight for the princess against the forces of the Conglomerate, in the distant nordic town of Krimshelm, and he will think of Caitlen, and he will think about the past life whose memories he has lost.
A return to Caitlen beckons to him, but so does the opportunity to recover his lost memories, to learn more about the life he lived in the Dominion and Michian. He knows he once had high ranking in his own culture, but now he is drifting through this strange land, with gaps in his memory, and no way to explain why he lacks those memories, or why he has arrived in Avonellene at all.
Alec will face the challenges of his lost memories, his unacceptable love for Caitlen, and his status as an outsider in a hostile and fragile society while facing constant battles throughout “Ajacii and Demons” the sequel to “Rescuing the Captive.”

09] – The Caravan Road: The ninth book of the Ingenairii Series returns to Alec’s life after a century in the Avonellene Empire, as he attempts to move beyond the petty politics of the imperial palace. But forces from inside and outside the Empire intrude on Alec’s peaceful interlude, and he finds himself on a journey that requires new companions, and includes dangers he’s never known before.

10] – The Journey Home: You can’t go home again. In the tenth book of the Ingenairii Series, Alec knows that there is no return to the land of his youth. Centuries of life and memory, as well as an unknown span of miles separate him from the Dominion, and he has no drive to go back. His goal is to find and set free the girl he is pursuing, Kristie, who has been kidnapped by Warrior Ingenairii. Already, the pursuit of Kriste and her captors has taken him hundreds of miles and weeks of time. He has gained and lost much in the pursuit, especially friends and companions, and injuries. When he awakens from a coma, the result of a devastating injury, he will find that his memories and abilities have been altered, creating complex new dynamics during the resumption of his chase to set Kriste free. And as the pursuit continues, he will find that there are old and ancient friends and enemies, ghosts and real, who will become part of his life once again.

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