Jayne Robinson Thrillers by Andrew Turpin

Jayne Robinson Thrillers by Andrew Turpin (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 419 KB
Overview: Andrew is a former journalist who has always had a love of writing, current affairs, history, and good novels.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. The Kremlin’s Vote – A plot against the United States’ election, born in Moscow . . . Two top US officials are gunned down while visiting London. A trail of deception misleads the CIA. And former intelligence operative Jayne Robinson is viciously targeted during a high-risk foray into Russia.
Robinson, previously a long-term MI6 officer, is covertly deployed by the CIA in a deniable operation to handle one of its biggest assets in the Kremlin and to get to the bottom of a threat that seems likely to engulf the White House—just as the next presidential election looms.
The mission becomes deeply personal for Robinson when it emerges one of the victims is married to one of her best and oldest friends.
But nothing is what it seems in this vortex of deception and deceit. As she gets closer to the truth behind the killings, Robinson finds herself challenged to the core while fending off threats from unexpected directions.

2. The Dark Shah – A deadly provocation of the United States . . . A drone attack on the Secretary of State near Tel Aviv. An Iranian nuclear chief, gunned down in Vienna. And a hitman with intelligence officer Jayne Robinson in his crosshairs.
Undercover operative Robinson is sent by the CIA to find out who left the Secretary of State fighting for his life in Israel and why.
She quickly discovers that the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, has the same agenda. But can she trust them?
Jayne finds she needs all her skills and know-how if she is to avoid the same fate as her much-loved father, who was blown up more than twenty years earlier in a mystery attack by pro-Iranian Hezbollah terrorists in London.
But who carried out that bombing—and who is on Jayne’s tail now?

1. The Kremlin’s Vote  

2. The Dark Shah 

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