Last Call by Alice Eve Nguyen

Last Call by Alice Eve Nguyen
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Overview: Your sanity, your job, your family. Sometimes, if you hold on too tight, you’ll lose all of these. Only then will you know what it’s like to be innocent again.

Former corporate lawyer Kevin Little didn’t expect to become a groundskeeper at a golf course in his midlife. But neither did he foresee threatening his old boss with murder, getting disbarred, entering a recovery program, and losing his wife and children.

While working at the golf course, Kevin discovers unattended young children at every corner. They roam freely in basement corridors, closets, and behind locked doors. Kevin can’t figure out where they come from and who they are, but, more than that, they are a painful reminder of his own estranged family, the memories of whom still haunt him hour by hour.

When Kevin falls in with a circle of ex-lawyers and retirees at the course, he finds a path to winning back everything he lost. They’ve watched him since his days on Bay Street, and have carefully groomed him for their inner circle. They know his family; they know his vulnerabilities. They lust for innocence, and see it in Kevin where he cannot.

Eventually, Kevin suspects that the cabal has kidnapped his family, but, equally, he feels he may be losing his mind. While verging on madness, Kevin faces a proposition: commit the murder of the most innocent, and reunite with his wife and kids. Whether in truth or delusion, Kevin believes he will regain his family. He is convinced. In confronting his fate, Kevin risks losing his only remaining possessions—his sanity, his sobriety, and his last hope for redemption.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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