Magical Kitten Murder Mysteries by Ruby Diamond, Corrine Winters

Magical Kitten Murder Mysteries by Ruby Diamond, Corrine Winters (1, 3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 330 KB
Overview: I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. With pastry in hand and coffee nearby, you can find me perusing magical towns with kooky characters. It’s what I love! I have my own herd of kitties but love to see what other familiars are out there too.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. An Apawling Murder – Any witch way lies danger!
Settle Island. Home to verdant pine forests, spectacular bluffs, great views of Lake Superior, and abundant wildlife. Also home to Darcy and her kooky Coven of nature witches. Darcy would love to spend all her time loping through the woods free and happy as the wolf who mentored her. Or maybe making time with the incredibly-hot-but-doesn’t-know-it Ranger Cutter Stillwell.
But if it’s not her responsibilities as the Radix leading her coven getting in the way of her plans, it’s cold blooded murder. When the town’s racoon witch sanitation expert is found buried in her own landfill, Darcy uncovers more than just a body. She finds a nest of secrets which hiss, spit, and bite in the light of day.
Can Darcy solve the case while protecting her coven and beloved island? Will she and Ranger Cutter ever admit the growing attraction between them? And will Darcy’s perpetually snarky and habitually mouthy feline familiar Dax ever shut up?

3. An Unfurtunate Death – Summer sweeps over Settle Island, bringing sunshine, singalongs, and inter-species strife.
When tourists find the body of a botanist in the National Park, locals go loony believing there’s a rabid lynx lying in wait. But Darcy and her sisters smell a scam and strive to shelter their feline friends from gungho goons with guns out to “protect the public.”
Mounting pressure from town leaders creates conflict between Darcy and Ranger Cutter as they corral a quartet of human suspects, including a riled-up Ranger, a poison peddler, a crabby coworker, and an opportunistic outdoorsman. Darcy’s distressed at the distance she feels from her fellow investigator, but it turns out that’s the least of her problems.
Her sister witches warn her about an unwelcome new development. Sinister shapes continue to stalk them on coven grounds.
But now it’s clear they’re human.
And one of them looks like Darcy’s double.
While Dax threatens to jump ship and leave Settle Island forever, Darcy digs her heels in. Then her grandmother Devora disappears, forcing Darcy to round up every resource to restore calm.
She’s a fighter, sure.
But how will she react if she sees herself in the spooky woods?

1. An Apawling Murder  

3. An Unfurtunate Death 

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