Merciless Murder Series by Tikiri Herath

Merciless Murder Series by Tikiri Herath (2-4)
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Overview: Tikiri Herath is the multiple award-winning author of pulse-pounding, spine-tingling, international thrillers and mystery novels.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


2. Merciless Games – A remote island retreat. Seven reluctant guests. A killer on the prowl.
Lock your door. You could be next.
Seven strangers are invited to an exclusive writers’ retreat on a remote island off the coast of Oregon. Their stay is at a hundred-year-old lighthouse revamped into a luxury ocean-front getaway for the discerning literati who shy from publicity.
Asha arrives on the island, believing her job is to cater to this sagacious celebrity party.
But before the weekend is over, an unseen killer will attempt to murder them, one by one.
With their phones taken away and their only connection to the mainland cut off, panic sets in on the island. Everyone suspects each other until a chilling realization dawn on them.
They are all connected by one horrific incident in the past they’d rather forget.
With a target on her back as well, Asha races against the clock to crack the killer’s code before more innocents die.
But are these seven guests as innocent as they make out to be?

3. Merciless Crimes – If you saw her disappear, you will die.
A high-tech tycoon’s young daughter goes missing from an exclusive private girls’ boarding school in the outskirts of Boston.
In desperation, the principal turns to Asha Kade’s private detective agency to find the girl.
Timelines are tight. Discretion is a must.
But after an unseen killer strikes within hours of her arrival and after stumbling into a bizarre hazing party, Asha realizes there’s a disturbing underbelly to this upscale academy.
She’s no longer searching for a vanished girl.
She’s on the hunt for a devious murderer who has returned to take vengeance for a haunting past.

4. Merciless Lies – A mangled corpse on the tracks. An elusive killer in the woods. An abandoned town on the mountain. WHICH WAY DO YOU RUN?
Ten people board a luxury private train on its maiden voyage through Alaska’s magnificent snowcapped ranges. But not all make it to the final destination…
Private investigator Asha Kade is on board as they travel in style on a railroad built during the Klondike gold rush. As a trafficked survivor who’d bootstrapped her life, this trip is a treat.
But just as they enter a desolate mountain pass, the engineer pulls the emergency brakes.
There is something eerie on the snow-dusted tracks.
It looks like a disfigured body.
When a second death wreaks havoc among the passengers, Asha realizes the twisted killer will strike again.
And she can’t shake off the sinister feeling it’s someone she’s already met…

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