Noreela series by Tim Lebbon

Noreela series by Tim Lebbon (Books 1,2,4,5)
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Overview: Tim Lebbon is a talented, highly-respected author, and the winner of the British Fantasy Society’s August Derleth Fantasy Award for Best Novel (2006) for Dusk (Bantam Spectra, 2006), the first of his “Noreela” fantasy saga. It was followed with the release of Dawn (Bantam Spectra, 2007), and 2008 sees the publication of Fallen. He hopes soon to have titles that are longer than one word.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Dusk (2006)
Well-drawn characters and a literate way with the grisly distinguish this first of a new fantasy series from Stoker-winner Lebbon.

Long after the Cataclysmic War that devastated the world and banished magic, the Mages are trying to ensure that the magic, if it returns, is under their control. When farm boy Rafe Baburn shows signs of magical gifts, the Mages send their relentless minions, the Red Monks, in pursuit. Rafe must flee for his life, but fortunately he finds allies in a thief, a woman warrior and a scholarly witch. Many of the well-handled action scenes are from the bad guys’ point-of-view, an unusual perspective that helps round out the author’s fantasy world. The climactic battle, a variation on the classic raising of the dead, offers an ambiguous outcome that presumably will be resolved in the sequel.

2. Dawn (2007)
Award-winning author Tim Lebbon takes fantasy to new heights in his thrilling new epic as unlikely allies struggle to keep the light of hope burning against a tide of unending darkness…

Noreela teeters on the brink of destruction, but at its center pulses a magic grown stroner than ever before. Now the Mages have raised an army of terrifying warriorsand unstoppable war machins. Their goal: the annihilation of all Noreela through a reign of bloodhsed and death unlike any ever imagined.

But Noreela’s last survivors will not go quietyly into the never-ending darkness. One man will lead a desperate band of rebels, including a witch, a fledge miner, and a dreaming librarian. For an ancient prophecy predicts that the future of magic will emerge in a child still unborn—if only our heroes can stay alive until dawn.

4. Fallen (2008)
From award-winning author Tim Lebbon comes this harrowing tale of an epic journey, crossing the forbidden boundary separating us from all we fear the most. . . .
To the unknown corners of Noreela, the Voyagers have traveled, returning with fantastic tales of their journeys and discoveries. But no one has ever returned from the Great Divide: a sheer cliff soaring miles above the clouds and rumored to be the end of the world. Until now.
Voyagers Nomi Hyden and Ramus Rheel would be mortal enemies if their lives and fates weren’t so closely entwined. But now the unlikely pair are brought together for what will be their greatest — and perhaps final — journey. When a grim wanderer named Ten arrives with an ancient parchment he claims to have brought back from the Divide, its arcane glyphs hint at the existence of a realm most consider a myth . . . and at something amazing sleeping there.
Accompanied by the warrior Beko and his band of armed Serians, Nomi and Ramus set out to discover the truth behind the legends. But soon ambition drives them apart, this epic Voyage becomes a race . . . and each Voyager is faced with a choice that may alter the history of Noreela forever.

5. The Island (2009)
The worst has come and one man must rise to lead the fight against it. . . .
He thought he’d seen the worst . . .
No one knew about the Strangers from beyond Noreela, and it was the Core’s job to make sure it stayed that way. Kel Boon was once an agent of the land’s most secret organization, tracking, observing, and eliminating the Strangers as part of an elite Core team. But then one horrifying encounter left his superior officer — and lover — dead, along with many innocents. And Kel has been running ever since.
But the worst was still to come. . . .
Forsaking magic, living as a simple wood-carver, Kel came to the fishing village of Pavmouth Breaks to hide. But when a mysterious island appears out to sea during a cataclysmic storm, sending tidal waves to smash the village, his Core training tells him to expect the worst.
How can he warn the surviving villagers — especially the beautiful young witch Namior — that the visitors sailing in from the island may not be the peace-loving pilgrims they claim to be? That this might be the invasion the Core has feared all along . . . and that he, Kel Boon, may be Noreela’s last chance?

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