Poisoned Legacy by Tom Langdale

Poisoned Legacy by Tom Langdale (Poison #2)
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Overview: Desperately trying to resolve the trauma of her husband’s death, for which she still blames herself, Christine Winthrop and her working girl cousin Angela become embroiled with crimes which were being uncovered by anonymous calls to the office of a newspaper. Blackmail being levelled at her family by a journalist trying to verify the truth. Earl Winthrop’s business too is targeted by a group of business men seeking financial advantage on government contracts. Chief Inspector Garragan, an old school police officer, bought in to assist with the government’s investigation into allegations of fraud, implicating a member of parliament.

Garragan’s enquires take a sinister turn when a girl is found in a seriously distressed state, a victim of one of the same group of businessmen, who then become the focus of a deeper investigation. A Homeland Security agent, Giles Foster is brought in to guide the sensitive investigations progress, when high profile well-off members of a St James’ Street Gentlemen’s Club are implicated in a series of historical crimes which could not be ignored. Garragan thought Foster was not all he seemed, a man of private means, a well-known face in London society; but held on to his own agenda. An all-consuming pain from his past needed to be expunged. The legacy he had inherited taunted him, after his mother shared the truth. Revenge was all he wanted, the drive to seek out restitution the perpetrator would never forget.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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