Port Alma Murder Mysteries by Anne Shillolo

Port Alma Murder Mysteries by Anne Shillolo (2-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 341 KB
Overview: Indie author of cozy mysteries and YA fiction.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


2. Goodbye Calais Club – Nothing can shake a city to its core like the killing of a serving police officer. Especially when another murder swiftly follows.
The investigation is entwined with an arson attack that destroys the landmark Calais Club, and DC Holly Towns and the rest of the Port Alma CIU team are divided. Was the death a tragic accident? Or was it payback? Was the officer in over his head with the local underworld? Or was his death a personal and permanent message?
Holly runs the risk of alienating her only ally, not to mention her new boss. Her vision of the crime and its origins are different than theirs, but there’s no way she can investigate on her own. Or is there? But, if one officer was killed for crossing a line, will Holly be next?
At the same time, she has to fight to focus on the case, as events from her distant past loom large in the present day.

3. Goodbye Sea Angel – It’s the last long weekend of summer in Port Alma. Beach crowds, movies in the park, cruises on the lake.
DC Holly Towns takes an extra paid shift on board the Sea Angel party boat, and can hardly believe her luck. A plainclothes gig providing security to a few dozen people seems like a holiday.
But before the night is out, a vicious storm whips the lake into a frenzy, and no one knows if the Sea Angel will make it to port. Holly and the crew are frantic to keep the passengers safe, but amidst the chaos, a body is found on the lower deck. With the rest of the team called to a terrifying sniper incident, Holly is on her own to get the investigation rolling. One glamorous woman won’t be going home after the cruise, and Holly’s job depends on finding out why.
At the same time, the past is calling more insistently. The death of her parents is now an official cold case investigation, and Holly’s supposed to be sticking to the sidelines. It’s an order she just might not be able to follow, despite the consequences.

2. Goodbye Calais Club  

3. Goodbye Sea Angel 

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