Quest for Fire by Hugo Hobbs (The Source Wars #1)

Quest for Fire by Hugo Hobbs (The Source Wars #1)
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Overview: For reasons unknown an ancient elemental power known as the source of fire has forsaken its vow of peace. Once again it will meddle in the wars of light and darkness. The first magic user to link with this source will have the living embodiment of fire living inside them. A union of ancient power, and flesh.
The alliance of elves and men had a vision of a dysfunctional group that was foreseen at the mysterious source site. They must find a way to work together as they fight off hordes of undead, orcs, trolls, and necromancers on a mission filled with peril.
However, the forces of darkness led by a dragon are already one step ahead of them. War breaks out, and the slaughter is fierce. The dragon’s armies attack’s the alliance, and all hope seems lost. Their only salvation depends on the Quest for Fire!
This novel is the first installment in the source war series, and features white, black and Asian characters along with strong female leads. Begin the journey in this epic dark fantasy filled with wizards and warriors as they fight for survival.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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