Rachel Hatch Series by L.T. Ryan, Brian Shea

Rachel Hatch Series by L.T. Ryan, Brian Shea (#0.5, #1.5, #5.5)
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Overview: L.T. RYAN is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. The new age of publishing offered L.T. the opportunity to blend his passions for creating, marketing, and technology to reach audiences with his popular Jack Noble series, which has sold over 2 million copies to date.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


Book #0.5 – Fractured
Facing a seemingly insurmountable enemy, Rachel Hatch risks everything for her team.
While serving as an interrogator attached to an elite group of Army Green Berets, Rachel Hatch’s team comes under heavy fire. She has to rely on grit and instinct to keep herself, and her team, alive. But her actions will leave her forever changed… Fractured.

Book #1.5 – Proving Ground
Fractured left her burned and damaged. Now Hatch seeks to return to her unit. To do so, she must prove herself. Everything’s harder the second time around…
Hatch was at one point in time the second female to ever pass the Army’s rigorous Special Forces Selection Course. Now she’s put to the test and must return to do it all over again. A challenge made that more difficult due to the injury to her right arm.
Join Hatch as she proves what she’s made of and in doing so, that she’s in a class all by herself.

Book #5.5 – The Gauntlet
To return to her former team Hatch must face the ultimate test Designed to challenge the soldier elite But it’s her second time around And this time it’s personal
The first assessment used by Task Force Banshee when selecting its members. Hatch was the first woman to pass it. That was years ago. Now, just after completing the rigors of the Special Forces Q Course for a second time, she must face The Gauntlet. The course is uniquely different for each candidate, designed to specifically test the individual strengths and weaknesses. Hatch’s former team commander, Chris Bennett, has designed the series of obstacles specially for her.
Join Rachel Hatch as she sets out to prove herself. With the odds stacked against her, Hatch will either rise to the occasion or fail. In The Gauntlet, there are no second chances.

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