Rosemary Grey Cozy Mysteries by Tracy Donley

Rosemary Grey Cozy Mysteries by Tracy Donley (#1-2)
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Overview: Tracy Donley is the author of the Rosemary Grey Cozy Mysteries. She’s also a successful editor and ghostwriter with more than twenty books in print. She loves hot tea, British programming, and chocolate, and lives in her hometown with her family and their very spoiled dog, Henry.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


1. Murder in the Meadow
Sometimes digging up the past… Can be murder.

Back home after a successful European lecture tour, historian Rosemary Grey is looking forward to relaxing and enjoying two blissful weeks with her best friend, Jack, and his new husband Charlie. Their cozy New England farmhouse in Paperwick, the quaint village they call home is an added bonus, and Rosemary can’t wait for the annual Paperwick Founders Day Festival—a beloved local event.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival will be a spooky new tradition – the first ever village cemetery crawl, led by Jack and Rosemary. The cheeky duo will “bring a few of the village founders’ spirits back to life,” which thrills Rosemary to no end. There’s nothing the dedicated historian loves more than digging into local lore to make colorful histories come alive.

The village’s most dramatic historical character—a woman who’d been accused of witchcraft in 1668 and who is still buried in the meadow that adjoins the cemetery—will be highlighted in the grand finale. Rosemary digs deeply into Paperwick’s past and the more that she discovers about the so-called witch, the more she is drawn into investigating a 350-year-old mystery.

When a murder actually takes place in the present time, Rosie and her friends are astonished to find that clues in the past point to answers in the present. Autumn leaves are falling, there’s a hint of romance in the air, and there’s a caramel apple pie in the oven (recipe included!), so curl up with a hot cup of tea and enjoy a cozy visit to mysterious New England!

2. Murder Set in Stone
A stone by any other name… Can lead to murder.

Rosemary Grey, who’s just getting settled into the charming town of Paperwick, Connecticut, is looking forward to the holiday season. She’ll be moving into her snug cottage at Jack and Charlie’s farm—so she’ll have her best friends right next door, and she’s loving her new job as a history professor at Paperwick University, home of the Fighting Trout. The fact that she sees the shy Professor Seth McGuire, from the anthropology department, on campus, might have a little something to do with the smile on her face and the spring in her step.

But Rosemary soon discovers that the cozy, tucked-away village, has a longstanding mystery in its midst. Thirty-five years ago, what appeared to be a rune-covered megalithic stone was discovered. There were those who believed the runes scattered across the stone were created by the indigenous peoples who’d inhabited the area—but some believed the runes were Norse in origin, lending credibility to the idea that Vikings had once walked the land.

None of the theories about the stone could be proved, however, because it went missing almost as mysteriously as it had appeared. Searches proved fruitless and no one could imagine who could possibly slip away with a two hundred fifty-pound slab of granite. Nevertheless, the legend of Bjørn the Lost Viking was born, along with an annual festival that commemorates the stone, the first snow of the winter, and Norse culture.

When a twist of fate leads to the discovery of the fabled missing runestone—and a body is found lying next to it—Rosemary and friends will have to separate legend and myth from fact and solve the crime. Seth is targeted as one of the prime suspects, so there’s no time to waste!

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