Selected Stories of Alfred Bester

Selected Stories of Alfred Bester (ed. BBA)
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Overview: “… this collection, a cross-section of Alfred Bester’s short fiction, a labor of love by a fan who thinks he’s still worth reading. Via this bit of cyber-necromancy, the words are preserved and presented to a new audience in the format to which they are accustomed, for Alfred Bester’s words were never restricted by medium, and the stories stand on their own as worth every kilobyte. Yes, his science is naive at times and staggeringly wrong in others; yes, his psychology is a mess, and his character’s faces a bit hard to make out under their funny hats, and so on and so forth…
But he was Alfie Bester dammit, and his words were solid gold even when they sold for pennies, and if anyone earned the right to continue being an author it’s him.

Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy



Adam & No Eve
Hobson’s Choice
Of Time and Third Avenue
Disappearing Act
Fondly Fahrenheit
Galatea Galante
The Roller Coaster
Hell is Forever
Ms. Found in a Champagne Bottle
Oddy & Id
Slaves of the Life Ray
Something Up There Likes Me
Star Light, Star Bright
The Animal Fair
The Flowered Thundermug
The Men Who Murdered Mohammed
The Pi Man
They Don’t Make Life Like They Used To
Time is the Traitor
Will You Wait
The Four-Hour Fugue
And 31/2 To Go (fragment)
The Devil Without Glasses

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