Shadows of Time by Cassie Leighton

Shadows of Time by Cassie Leighton
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Overview: A truth you can’t keep buried. A power you can’t control. A passion you can’t trust.

Thea Gardner knows that real is only what you can see and touch. It’s a lesson that was drummed into her in childhood, and her shield against the things that have always made her feel as though she doesn’t quite fit into the everyday world. But when a chance encounter with a stranger sets in motion a chain of terrifying events, Thea is forced to question everything she’s ever believed about that world.

As Thea comes to realise the extent of her own capabilities, she is plunged into deeper danger than she could ever have imagined. Hunted by a shadowy organisation set on bringing her to their twisted form of justice, Thea finds herself caught between two men who both claim to want nothing more than to help keep her safe.

But how do you work out who to trust when you’re not even sure you can trust yourself?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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