Stardust Dreams by Belle Malory (Twelfth Keeper #6)

Stardust Dreams by Belle Malory (Twelfth Keeper #6)
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Overview: Against incredible odds, Kennedy has pulled off the impossible. She survived a shipwreck, found and rescued Phoenix, and she’s traveling with an unexpected shipment that will give Earth invaluable protection. The journey back home should have offered smooth sailing, but happily ever after never works out as planned.

Obstacles block her every move:

An unruly pirate with a secret.
A powerful super keeper bent on destroying her.
One deadly quest.

Earth isn’t the only planet on the line. Faced with uncertainty, Kennedy becomes frozen, helpless to act. The worst part? Phoenix is too busy dealing with his own internal battles to be the hero she remembers. Now, more than ever, she desperately needs to lean on him. But without his memories guiding him, he’s still lost, stuck between a past he can’t remember and the future he craves. She can only hope he finds his way back to her.

“If my soul has a compass, it always points to Phoenix. Wherever he goes, I follow.”
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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