The Celestial Serenade Series by Megan Cutler

The Celestial Serenade Series by Megan Cutler (1-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 871 KB
Overview: Muse tamer, character wrangler, creator and destroyer of worlds, Megan Cutler writes the kind of science fiction and fantasy stories she has always enjoyed reading. She grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania and moved to Canada after marrying the love of her life.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. The End of All Things – Gaia can’t forget the day the dragon descended over her city, laying waste to everything it saw. Humanity flees in terror of the alien weapon, but it traces their every movement, seemingly drawn by their technology to each of their gathering places.
With every nation on Earth affected by the attack, the survivors must find some way to unite if they’re going to reclaim their home. Gaia might have identified the seed of hope humanity needs. There’s just one problem – it’s buried beneath the precarious pile of rubble formed by the dragon’s first attack.
Alrayia dreams of the end of her world. While everyone celebrates the long awaited homecoming of Kantis, the Caltaran Empire’s greatest warrior, Alrayia convinces her husband, a member of the High Council, to build spaceships that might keep her nightmares from becoming reality.
She alone sees the Caltaran Empire teetering on a knife’s edge in the endless war against their bitter rivals, the Ruvalli. If the Ruvalli should gain the advantage – or if Kantis should fall – Alrayia’s world could well unravel. In her dreams, the final blow is delivered by a mechanical dragon of immense strength.
Can the dragon be defeated? Which civilizations will rise in the wake of its destruction – and which will fall?

2. Across the Void – It’s been ten years since the dragon appeared in the skies over Earth, driving humanity underground.
From beneath the ice in Antarctica, Gaia and her team scan the skies in search of the dragon’s masters or another advanced civilization willing to aid their struggle against the alien weapon. Gaia believes she may have located a perfect candidate, a savior that will answer her desperate summons.
But she only has one chance to send a message without drawing the dragon’s wrath, and her only proof this would-be savior exists is a series of vivid dreams she can’t dismiss.
It’s been ten thousand years since the Caltaran empire fled the ruin of their homeworld to start again among the stars.
Using cold sleep technology designed to traverse the empty distance between solar systems, Anten and Salis have survived the ages. Salis is still a lost soul, a mere shadow of his former self, and Anten has his own inescapable demons. Despite the protests of the Council and his old friends, some force drives him to relentlessly search the cosmos in the vein hope his late wife’s final prediction might yet be fulfilled.
The very last thing he expects is to receive a message from a woman bearing his dead wife’s face…

3. After the Nightmare – The soul that sleeps inside the dragon is Caltaran.
If the people he harries awaken him, will he fight for them?
On the eve of Earth’s greatest battle, Gaia is restless. Her people are about to participate in their most elaborate war plan yet. If they fail, the dragon will ravage Earth’s surface beyond recovery. But if they succeed, their alliance with the Caltarans may open travel beyond their solar system – a possibility they never dared dream possible.
Unfortunately, saving Earth isn’t the Caltaran Empire’s only ambition. If Earth wants to maintain their alliance beyond a singular battle, that means participating in their elaborate political dance – a tangle from which Gaia and the rest of the delegation cannot easily disengage.
And what of the warrior they hope to awaken? Does he remember the years he spent decimating two different civilizations? Can anyone hope to deal with the trauma and suffering visited upon that enigmatic sleeper?
Will humanity’s last desperate bid to save their world lead to salvation or destruction at the mechanical dragon’s claws?

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