The Centre of Magical Affairs Series by DM Gilmore

The Centre of Magical Affairs Series by DM Gilmore (1-2, 4)
Requirements: epub reader, 894 kb
Overview: I write, make games, and just about everything in between!


1. Drake – Asher’s really only good at one thing, and that’s programming spells.
Imagine his frustration when he starts the worst week of his life! He got fired from his tech support job. Then, he’s undercut on an under-the-table deal that would have kept him out of a financial emergency. Now, he’s being roped into a job he’d really doesn’t want do, just to pay the rent!
Steal one mana orb, get ten thousand dollars. That was the deal. Nothing is ever that simple.
He’s far from his comfort zone, and running out of time, But he’s a programmer. Finding creative solutions is all he knows how to do.

2. TRACE – It’s been two weeks since Asher joined the Centre of Magical Affairs…
Two weeks since that confrontation with Duncan Smog. Two weeks since Ruth was beaten within an inch of his life. Asher is haunted by the memories of what he did, torn apart by the thought of what he might be made to do. Worst of all, he knows it’s only a matter of time before he has to do it again.
When a string of magical robberies baffle the police, Asher has to step up and learn to do the job. At least this time, he’s got some help. With a surly detective teaching him the ropes, and a broken brother recuperating on COMA’s dime, Asher’s got his work cut out for him.
He soon finds that there is more to this case than meets the eye, and one of COMA’s most closely guarded secrets is at stake. One wrong move could put everything Asher holds close in jeopardy — his brother and his bonded dragon Esther, who is only just learning how to talk.
For their sake, he’ll do whatever he has to do.

4. SHAPE – Something lurks beneath the city streets, and its hunger knows no bounds…
For weeks now, Asher has dealt with a rising tide of mutant monsters, and he can’t figure out where they’re coming from. There’s no change in the city’s ambient mana, so why are so many aberrants appearing?
While attending a party at Lovecraft Incorporated, Asher is suddenly attacked by a person with a black tentacle jutting from their mouth. Stranger still, the tentacle is alive and separate from its host.
Worried about the safety of the city, Asher sets out to investigate. It only takes a little digging to learn that there are a lot more where that came from.
Out of his depth and over his head, Asher has to call on his allies, both within COMA and without. A magical parasite is taking over the streets of Toronto, and it must be stopped before it can spread too far.
And as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, an old enemy has resurfaced, alive and well.
Duncan Smog is back…

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