The Defenders series by Kenneth Andrus

The Defenders series by Kenneth Andrus (#2-3)
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Overview:Kenneth Andrus is a graduate of Marietta College and the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He retired from the United States Navy after 24 years of service with the rank of Captain. He now lives in Honolulu and pursing his writing career.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


2. Amber Dawn
A terrorist bent on revenge. Nations on the brink of nuclear war. Can Nick Parkos stop a deadly fanatic this madman before the thousands are killed world is destroyed by his unrelenting wrath?

Nick Parkos is a low-level intelligence analyst when a when a shocking twist thrusts him to the forefront. All at once he’s sudden the man best qualified to deal with a dire threat to the stability of the entire world. world peace in history. Bashir al-Khulyter, seeking revenge for his family’s deaths by Russian paramilitary troops, detonates a dirty bomb in Moscow’s Red Square—and threatens to deploy four more bombs in the near future. With the world’s capitals nations on red alert in chaos and international trust eroding fast, Parkos must find and stop al-Khultyer Bashi before thousands are killed and entire cities are contaminatedr before the entire world lies in ruins.

While dealing with powerful personal demons, Parkos follows a cryptic trail across three continents and eleven cities, hoping he can somehow prevent additional brutal and merciless deaths. But Bashir has more lethal surprises planned than Parkos can anticipate. The first bomb killed thousands—and the next could destabilize fragile peace in the world’s most treacherous regions.

Written by a military intelligence veteran and expert and in geopolitical affairs, Amber Dawn portrays a compelling and authentic portrait of how our current international status quo could unravel in the blink of an eye. This is a cautionary tale about disasters that could result from decreased vigilance. We need our Defenders—now more than ever.

3. Arctic Menace
A Chinese sub in American waters. Rare elements every nation wants. Can Parkos prevent an environmental apocalypse—and a world war?

National Security Analyst Nick Parkos, still recovering from the Amber Dawn incident, uncovers a plot to control the US supply of rare earth elements vital to its military-defense systems. Teaming with former Navy SEAL Geoffrey Lange, he travels to Cape Lisberne, just off the coast of Alaska, to investigate. What he doesn’t know is that a foreign mastermind is actively working behind the scenes to discredit Parkos and hide the truth.

The situation soon escalates, and Parkos unearths evidence that a foreign power plans to explode a radioactive radiation dispersal device in Alaska, killing thousands and making the rare elements unobtainable. With time quickly running out, Parkos puts his life on the line to stop them from detonating the bomb. With the world watching and peace hanging in the balance, Parkos stares into the face of his greatest challenge.

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