The Forgetful Robot (1968) SSC by Paul W. Fairman

The Forgetful Robot (1968) SSC by Paul W. Fairman (ed. Jerry eBooks 2018)
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Overview: How do humans appear to a robot? You’ll get some idea by reading this science fiction adventure told by a highly sophisticated, programmed robot named Barney. Author Paul Fairman uses this clever device to tell a very exciting story with some poignant and unexpected observations on human behavior as well.
Found in a junkyard by two teenagers, Barney is reactivated. But, alas, his memory box is still on the blink, and he can’t quite recall his past life on Mars. As coincidence would have it, the two young people and their actor grandfather are planning an interplanetary Shakespearean goodwill trip to Mars. Before Barney can warn them of danger (robots, remember, can only answer questions—they have to be asked first!) the foursome is hijacked to the forbidden part of Mars where they come face-to-face with the power-hungry leader of the Shadow People. How Barney foils the plot of the madman and saves the day for his new friends—and the Shadow People themselves—makes a smashing climax to this fast-paced tale.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Contents :
1 Lost in a Junkyard
2 Those Remarkable Ravencrafts
3 The Space Museum
4 The Gallant Lady
5 Long Hop
6 The Brown Package
7 Phantoms of Zark
8 Mastermind of Zark
9 The Mine Field
10 The Pit
11 Robots Should Stick Together
12 Interlude in the Desert
13 Delenda Est Carthago
14 Not Born to Greatness
15 Culture for the Planets

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