The God Killers (1966) aka The Off-Worlders by John Baxter

The God Killers (1966) aka The Off-Worlders by John Baxter (ed. Jerry eBooks 2020)
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Overview: Adventure on a backward farming-society world where the old science is forbidden. Far out in interstellar space, beyond the allowed Limit, lay the enigmatic planet of Merryland. It was a backward world, one which had been colonized from Earth centuries before but had fallen back into a farming and fishing society after a great war. Now it was decadent, static, the fruits of that science which had nearly destroyed the planet forbidden and those who searched to recover science’s ancient secrets hunted down and killed. Yet among those who followed the trail of lost knowledge were a number of men who were not from Merryland – men who had come from off-world, even from Earth itself. What were they seeking on this quiet, rustic planet? Whatever it was, they had already killed men to find it – and if they ever did get it, they would hold the fate of billions in their hands.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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