The Haunted Watch Tower by Adriana Licio

The Haunted Watch Tower by Adriana Licio (An Italian Village Mystery Book 5)
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Overview: The doors are locked, the windows shuttered, but still he comes. Dare you set foot in the haunted watch tower?
When Countess Eugenia moves into a restored watch tower above Maratea, a delightful coastal town in southern Italy, not everyone welcomes her. Before she and her niece have even spent a night in their new home, they are warned that the malicious ghost of a 500-year-old pirate haunts the ancient building, claiming it as his own. And that very night, he begins a campaign of fear against the two women.
Meanwhile, Maratea is celebrating its beloved St Biagio. However, this year, the festivities are marred by the news of plans to place monstrous wind turbines high on the mountains surrounding the town. In the heated debates that follow, the tragic suicide of a town hall employee and the death of a heritage expert on the treacherous local roads go almost unnoticed.
Only local carabiniere Brigadiere Paolo Rossi wonders whether the deaths and the ghost may be connected. Deciding first to get to the bottom of the mysterious hauntings, he joins forces with travel writer and amateur sleuth Giò Brando to spend a night in the watch tower.
But when Paolo disappears in the dead of night, Giò is left all alone.
Or is she?
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


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