The Last Magus series (#2-4) by DB King

The Last Magus series (#2-4) by DB King
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Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Academic Magic (#2)
Now that Alec and Eleira have learned how to use the Greater Elements, they must take the Royal Academy’s entrance examination.

What awaits them there is something neither could have anticipated.

More magic, more friends, and more danger.

Familiar Magic (#3)
After a harrowing experience in the forest outside the Academy, Alec is ready to resume his studies

He’ll have to juggle new classes in Combat Magic and Familiars & Their Care, as well as a budding relationship with the young elf woman, Eleira Leafwalker.

All the while, Alec cannot get over his suspicions that the forces of Chaos have put a spy at the Academy. But who could it possibly be? His money is on a new student with a penchant for Earth and Metal magic.

Phantasm Magic (#4)
Now that Alec and his friends have flushed out the spy from within the Royal Academy, they return once again to their studies. Never far from Alec’s mind, however, is the motivations of this spy, and whether their cause is justified. The spy did not reveal the truth of Alec’s nature, of his natural magic, but why not?

But such questions become less important when Instructor Brutus calls Alec to begin his private tuition. If Alec is to learn how to use his magic most effectively, to learn the lethal methods of Brutus, then he will have to cast aside all else.

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