The Second Coming of Gluttony series by Ro Yu-jin

The Second Coming of Gluttony series by Ro Yu-jin (#4-5,8-10)
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Overview: Ro Yu-jin is best known for being the author of The Second Coming of Gluttony – Part 2, Memorize, The Second Coming of Gluttony, and The Second Coming of Gluttony (Novel).
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Pagoda of Dreams (#4)
The victory in the Arden Valley Fortress war has bolstered the morale of humans, and Seol Jihu is hailed as the Hero of Haramark by all. But an attempt at defaming him as the celebrated war hero, and a deadly attack forces Seol Jihu to face the ugly side of Paradisian political conflict. Realizing the need to step into the bigger political picture, Seol Jihu decides to build an organization and plans an expedition to the Pagoda of Infection to gather the necessary funds. While the expedition lets Seol Jihu meet with the Federation members, he also experiences the unpleasant dealings between different Paradisian races, leading to mistrust.

Will Seol Jihu be able to gain the Federation’s trust in humanity? Why did the Federation name the Pagoda as a forbidden zone? Follow Seol Jihu as he strives to bring a change in Paradise by taking the first step inside the Pagoda of Dreams…

City of Anarchy (#5)
Carpe Diem moves its base to Eva after completing the preparations to found a new organization. Eva, aptly named as the city of anarchy, is plagued with a multitude of problems, including poverty, lack of leadership, and even trafficking. Witnessing these unpleasant and inhumane ongoings, Seol Jihu recklessly sets out on a war path to eliminate all of Eva’s problems, plunging the city in turmoil. Drawing the ire of the rival organizations, Seol Jihu’s organization finds itself a target of sinister, political schemes. Meanwhile, the Neutral Zone’s next opening date is soon approaching, and Seol Jihu is determined to win the bid for its custody.

Will Seol Jihu be able to firmly establish his organization in Eva? What special plans does he have for the Neutral Zone? Follow Seol Jihu as he makes waves across Paradise while riding

Imperial Oath Expedition (#8)
After successfully identifying most of the traitors on humanity’s side, Seol Jihu and his comrades soon find their hands full with reforming the Earthlings all over Paradise. Some reformation measures lead to complications in the most unexpected ways that develop into one of the worst possible betrayals among the human forces. Forced to split humanity’s elite rankers, Seol Jihu leads an expedition into the heart of Parasite territory to stop the escalating crisis. As time is running out for the Paradisian forces, the expedition turns into a terrible nightmare with shocking revelations and unimaginable sacrifices.

What ordeals await the expedition members? Will Seol Jihu be able to navigate this inconceivable catastrophe that has landed him right in front of the Parasite Queen?

The Golden Constellation (#9)
While Paradise is dealing with the aftermath of Seol Jihu’s death, back on Earth Seol Jihu is struggling to make sense of his life from the repercussions of dying in Paradise. Meanwhile, the Parasite Queen has mobilized her army commanders to claim the remaining cities and put an end to the long war. With the possibility of reviving Seol Jihu near impossible, an unexpected opportunity allows Valhalla and its allies to facilitate Seol Jihu’s return to Paradise. Seol Jihu’s second leap of faith lands him smack in the middle of an all-out war, giving Paradise a renewed hope of victory.

With Seol Jihu’s return, Paradise’s allied forces decide to take the final battle straight to the Parasite Queen. Will the allied forces be able to hold their own against a god? Will the Golden Constellation shine brightly once again and create miracles?

Seol Jihu Ramen (#10)
This final volume of The Second Coming of Gluttony picks up right where Seol Jihu’s story ends in volume 9 after the Parasite Queen’s demise. Seol Jihu, who has partially retired from Paradise, is finally seeing peaceful days and has even realized his life-long dream of owning his very own ramen restaurant. But this peace has given rise to schemes of more than a few femmes fatales, who had been eyeing Seol Jihu for a while now. Meanwhile, oblivious to the brewing plans and future disasters they would bring, Seol Jihu is spending his time happily in the embrace of his now girlfriend, Seo Yuhui.

Who are the ladies plotting against Seol Jihu? And why are powerful gods suddenly taking an interest in Seol Jihu’s personal life? Follow Seol Jihu in this hilarious and somewhat quirky story as he tries to escape the machinations of various females in an attempt to change fate itself.

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