The Seventh Path Series by Leona Knight

The Seventh Path Series by Leona Knight (1-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 476 KB
Overview: Leona Knight lives in Michigan surrounded by a loving family and the chaos of raising three rumbustious dogs and a curious cat.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. Midlife and Magically Marked – Life begins at 40 – but so do bad joints, wrinkles, and gray hairs.
They say that by the age of forty you should have gained the skills and experience to have a better life. But the only thing I’ve gained is a job promotion to permanent desk jockey until retirement.
I thought I escaped my mediocre destiny when I met my husband…until he died on our honeymoon and a series of unfortunate events left me with a strange mark on my body and my husband’s corpse stolen right out of the funeral home!
When I discover a mysterious invitation to a place called the Vale Estates at my door from a long-lost grandmother I had never met. I was ready to toss it away as a scam until I read the words: Your husband’s death was not an accident.
Desperate for answers, I pack up and go.
But to discover the truth, I’m forced to live in a bizarre estate full of restless ghosts and a creepy goat-legged caretaker while enduring a trial of magic with death as a punishment for failure.
But I’m not a mage!
Or at least, I thought
I guess it’s not too late to learn something new.

2. Midlife and Exorcising Spirits – Who has time for a midlife crisis if your entire life is a crisis?
Who has time for a midlife crisis if your entire life is a crisis?
After that bombshell of discovering the identity of the evil entity roaming the halls of my estate. Burning down the house to root it out was looking like a good idea.
If only it was that simple. Knowing who it is and finding it within the labyrinth halls of this estate is proving to be a challenge.
And now the house itself is sick?
Can a house even get sick?
Looks like I’ve got some ghostbusting to do.

3. Midlife and Snatching Crowns – You know what? They were right. Life truly begins at 40.
This is the ride of my life, and I’ve faced every single challenge that came my way by charging in and getting it done.
Now, this might be my greatest challenge ever. To save my godson’s life, I will have to travel to the unknown world of the Fae and navigate the dark and dangerous halls of the Unseelie King’s palace to plant my butt on his throne.
If my enemies want to come after me, they better bring a burn kit because my magic is hotter than dragon’s fire, hot enough to burn them to cinder and I’m all out of dickens to give.

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3. Midlife and Snatching Crowns 

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