The Stasis Stories by Laurence Dahners

The Stasis Stories by Laurence Dahners (#3-4, 7)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: I write science fiction. I’ve mostly published on Amazon since I love the Kindle. A lot of readers communicated with me and other readers on the Amazon Author’s Forums, but those don’t seem to be getting much support any more and there have been a lot of complaints.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


3. Radiation Hazard – This hard Sci-Fi novel is the third book in the “Stasis Stories,” a series of optimistic tales of technological innovation in the near future. They follow Kaem Seba, a sickly and financially destitute young man with extraordinary math talents. With his friends, he’s developed a device that allows him to stop time within limited volumes of space-time.
In this story, Kaem and company are commercially developing “Stade,” which is what they call a piece of space-time that’s in stasis. Stade’s phenomenal properties (because it essentially can’t be altered as time has been stopped within it) allow it to reflect all radiation. When a nearby nuclear reactor undergoes a meltdown, the first thought is that stade might be used to limit the radioactivity from the accident.
But a little further thought makes it obvious that stade is also the perfect material for dealing with radioactive waste. They become interested in using it to remediate a toxic chemical dump.
They’re still using it to build rocket engines. And working on plans for a space elevator!

4. Halting the Reaper – In this 4th story, Kaem has been treated with gene therapy for the anemias that made him so weak. In combination with his extraordinary memory, his newfound physical fitness is letting him perform at a high level in a karate class.
The company he, Arya Vaii, and Gunnar Schmidt founded to commercially develop his time-stopping discovery is starting to make money. Currently their profits come from their use of the phenomenal physical properties of a time-stopped segment of space-time to build rockets.
But people are also clamoring to use Kaem’s invention to stop time for those who are dying. Not just the ones who want to skip a few years until there’s a cure for their disease, but also the patients in critical condition who will die for the lack of blood, or for the lack of the right surgeon, or because there are too many sick patients for the hospital to save them all.
Oh, and they’re still working on their plans for a space elevator…

7. The Mistress of Space-Time – This one is about Kaem Seba’s daughter, Zaii, a young woman who, like her father, has extraordinary math talents.
Eager to do her part in the war against the aliens from Epsilon Eridani, she becomes a Space Force ROTC cadet. Soon after that, she’s proving to be a superb young officer. However, as she studies potential warfighting strategies that might be used against the Eridanis, she realizes that the defenders of Sol system have a problem.
The humans won the first battle against the Eridanis by using the technical advantage afforded by the invulnerability of stasis. But, the Eridanis jump and biowarfare technology could easily allow them to wipe out the human race on Earth and thus win the war.
Offered the opportunity, she sets out to study the wreckage of the Eridani ships from the first battle. She hopes to figure out how jump works, thus appropriating that technology for human use and evening the playing field.
Can she figure this out in time to keep the Eridanis from exterminating homo sapiens?
It turns out to be a lot harder than she’d hoped; and to require help from someone she tries to avoid asking…

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